Dozens of Shows and Countless Steps Later, Our Editors Depended On These Shoes


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If you were to take a peek at fashion editors' schedules during fashion week, your jaw might drop. A typical day could include fashion shows both on the Upper East Side and in Brooklyn followed by drinks Downtown. Events are occurring every hour on the hour, and of course, this season it all happened somewhere between a heat wave and a monsoon. While the younger editors often claim attending this many events in just one week involves a lot of blisters, seasoned veterans quickly learn only to wear shoes they can trust.

I'm planning on refreshing my shoe collection come fall, and as I peruse the many styles that I'm considering, I had to find out which shoes my stylish co-workers wore that were actually comfortable. Below, find 10 pairs of shoes that we can all agree are incredibly chic.

Kat Collings, Editor in Chief


(Image credit: @katcollings by Jade Belmes)

"I wore these Mimi Cuttrell x By Far slingback kitten heels pretty much every day of NYFW. I just checked my steps, and I walked over 20 miles in them, without a single blister! After that much walking, the white shoes definitely need to go to the shoe repair for a little TLC, but my feet are in great shape. The exact shoes are sold out, but I just ordered these similar ones because they go with literally every outfit."

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Kristen Nichols, Associate Director, Special Projects


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"I've been eyeing these pierced slingbacks ever since they debuted on the Tory Burch runway. The silver toe-ring detail is what drew me to them, but I wasn't sold that they would be easy to wear. They were surprisingly extremely comfortable, even after a day running around to shows and appointments at NYFW. The shoes are convincing me even more that flats are the key shoe of the season." 

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Anna LaPlaca, Editor


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"I picked these up on day two of the shows and wore them straight out of the store because my feet were dying in the heels I was trudging around in all day. They're so comfortable and delightfully on-trend for the fall, so I ended up wearing them over the next few days and will definitely be reaching for them on repeat post–fashion week as well."

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"Tamara Mellon's Pillow Top insoles are something that you really just have to experience to truly understand. The extra cushioning makes them feel like you're walking on a cloud, so I reached for them on one of my busiest days of the week because I knew I could rely on them to for a full day of back-to-back shows."

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"These arrived for a shoot I'm doing with the brand, and I couldn't resist wearing them to the shows once I tried them on at home. The suede is so soft and supple, and the low heel was very walkable (and bikeable!)."

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Eliza Huber, Fashion Editor


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"These are practically sold out, unfortunately, but I scored a pair a few months back and found that they make every outfit look cooler. If you can find a pair in your size, I highly recommend them."

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"The fact that I took these viral Tibi heels, fit with *legit* zippered pockets and a sculptural heel, right out of the box and put them on for two full days of fashion-week walking and didn't get a million blisters is a genuine miracle. They were probably the most comfortable shoes I wore all week apart from my go-to seasons-old By Far Kim mules that have long sold out. Plus, they're extremely cool."

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Sierra Mayhew, Associate Editor


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When I first got these shoes, I had no idea how much of an impact they would have on my closet, or that I would be wearing them all the way to New York Fashion Week and back. Since they're comfortable and undeniably chic, I've been wearing them all around town.

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I just had to have these boots from Steve Madden before fashion week. They are quite reminiscent of a pair from Miu Miu that I wasn't able to get my hands on, but the price point is so good I don't mind that they're a dupe. It seems like every brand is making a pair of boots like this right now, and I'm glad I ended up making this style my pick.

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I've found my way into this pair of Larroudé heels the past two fashion weeks because despite their height, they are quite comfortable. I can be in them all night without getting any blisters. The fact that they come in denim means that they look so good with every denim jacket that I wear.

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