23 New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Want to Ditch Your Sweatpants


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Typically, a roundup of the best New Year's Eve outfit ideas for cold weather would include suggestions for how to pair sequinned pieces and coats and recommendations for the best winter boots that you can survive a night out on the town in—but this year, my friends are very different indeed. We are, after all, still living in unprecedented times. And while social distancing measures across the globe have eased, getting back to "normal" isn't always easy. 

While it may then seem trite to be worried about New Year's Eve (much less what to wear), that's far from the truth. Now, more than ever, is a time to re-embrace doing things that bring us joy—whether that means spending the evening in the comfort of your home or out dancing the night away. So in that vein, I've rounded up the best New Year's outfit ideas that are great for cold weather and any evening plans. If you don't want to ditch your sweatpants after seeing these outfit ideas, then I hope you'll bookmark these outfits for a special occasion in the New Year. 


Off-the-Shoulder Top + Pants + Sandals
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If you know that you’ll be inside, you can definitely get away with an NYE outfit that’s not as bulky on the fabrics. Opting for a fun statement one-shoulder top with pants and shoes in the matching hue is an effortlessly chic outfit fit for celebrating inside. 

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Metallic Minidress + Cowboy Boots
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You may not be able to be underneath the disco ball when the clock strikes midnight, but who said you can’t still shine? Give the metallic dress in the back of your closet a new spin by pairing it with cowboy boots or no shoes at all for a look that’s better than any hoedown ever thrown.

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Puff-Sleeve Dress and Statement Earrings
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You know that special-occasion puff-sleeved dress collecting dust in the back of your closet? It’s time to stop waiting for the perfect event and bust it out. Even if you’re only wearing it to your sofa (like Alyssa Coscarelli), slipping it on to celebrate making it through 2022 is the perfect occasion.

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Full-Length Maxi Dress With a Matching Bag
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Just because you’ll most likely spend your New Year’s Eve inside doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. In fact, since you won’t be dealing with the cold, you can opt for a warmer-weather look and wear a full-length satin or silk maxi dress. Not only is it easy to throw on, but it’s also perfect for lounging at home.

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Colorful Sequin Dress + Metallic Shoulder Bag + Crystal Heels
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If you're going out for the night, why not go all out? Opt for a colorful sequin dress paired with a metallic shoulder bag and crystal heels, and you'll be sure to stand out from the crowd. 

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Colorful Sweater + Matching Silk Skirt + Contrasting Wool Coat
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Festive clothing doesn’t have to be limited to sequins and metallic fabrics—look to Makeda for proof. Whether you’re grabbing a New Year’s Eve dinner alfresco in the cold weather or gathering your friends, layering is essential for surviving the evening. Don’t be afraid to gold bold with your look and pair bright monochrome pieces with an opposing colored coat for the best outfit you’ve worn all year.

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Matching Loungewear Set
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Does binge-watching a new series sound like the perfect plan for this New Year’s Eve? Then you’ll want to keep warm and snuggle up in a matching loungewear set. Not only will you look cute while watching some of television’s most stylish characters, but you will also be downright cozy.

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Jumpsuit + Heels
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Honestly, it doesn’t get more iconic than opting for a jumpsuit for New Year’s Eve. Not only is it super-low-fi in terms of effort, but it will also keep you warm all night long and comes in so many different iterations (sequins, velvet, etc.) that you’ll find one that works for you.

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Sequin Top + Leather Pants + Pointed Heels
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Another low-lift way to dress up this New Year’s Eve and stay warm is to opt for leather pants and a sequin top. The great thing about sequin tops is that they dress up just about anything, so you can also pair them with jeans or even sweatpants for a comfortable outfit that looks way more intentionally styled than it is.

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Black Dress + Sandals
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After prolonged periods of not getting dressed up at all, something as simple as throwing on your favorite black dress (whether it’s off-the-shoulder, mini, or cutout) is the perfect outfit idea for celebrating New Year’s Eve at home. Bonus points if you throw on some sandals, too, because it’s the effort that counts.

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Corset + Jeans + Layered Jewelry
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What’s a simple yet sexy outfit idea for New Year’s Eve that you can wear inside the house or out to dinner? A corset top (or feather one), jeans, and layered-on jewelry. It’s a look that will surely turn heads, and if you’re too cold, you can wear a mesh top underneath or throw on a coat to keep yourself warm throughout the evening.

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T-Shirt + Sequin Skirt + Knee-High Boots
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The excuse you needed to wear that sequin skirt? It’s right here. All you have to do is pair it with your favorite vintage-inspired T-shirt and knee-high boots for a New Year’s Eve outfit that’s easier than ever. And should you get cold, don’t be afraid to add tights or a coat into the mix for an on-trend layered look.

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Statement Crop Top + Leather Pants + Sandals
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Call it a cult-classic going-out piece, but you really can’t ever go wrong with a crop top. Even if you’re only driving by your friend’s spot or relocating to the living room, throwing on a good statement crop and a pair of leather jeans is a festive outfit that never fails.

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Pleated Top + Sweatpants + Heels
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Oh, you made it this far, and you’re still dreading taking off your favorite sweatpants? Okay, how about instead of taking them off, you dress them up by pairing them with a button-up top and sparkly heels? No one can say you didn’t change (or try), for that matter.

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Oversize Turtleneck Sweater + Metallic Skirt Ankle Boots
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It does not get easier than this outfit idea: Just pull out your favorite oversize sweater, and pair it with a matching metallic skirt for a look that will keep you both warm and in a festive mood this New Year’s Eve. 

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Mesh Top + Sequin Dress + Combat Boots
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Think back to that sequinned dress you wore a while ago because it’s time to bust it out for an end-of-year hurrah. Of course, you can make it more cold-weather friendly by layering, but to make it even more practical, pair it with some combat boots for your most unique New Year’s Eve ensemble yet.

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Cardigan + Sequin Skirt
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If the thought of spending a ton of money on an outfit you’re not even considering wearing out doesn’t sit right in your spirit, then we recommend this outfit idea for you. Pairing a sequin skirt with a cropped cardigan is not only a cute head-to-toe look, but it’s also probably something you already own, which makes it cost-effective. If you still have FOMO about not buying something new, try layering on jewelry you haven’t worn in a minute to give your at-home New Year’s Eve outfit a breath of fresh air.

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Faux-Fur Coat + Sequin Dress + Clutch + Heels
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It’s been a year, so don’t be afraid to knock it out of the park. Why not wear a faux-fur coat styled over a sequin dress, clutch, and heels? You deserve to feel fabulous. 

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Oversize Sweater + Jeans + Sparkly Shoes
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If the prospect of wearing a head-to-toe sparkly look isn’t for you, then we recommend injecting only a little shine into your New Year’s Eve ensemble via your shoes. Who wouldn’t want to wear sparkly shoes? The great thing about this look is that you style whatever shoes catch your fancy with your favorite jeans and sweater you already own.

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Turtleneck Dress + Crystal Jewelry
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Whether you’ll be snuggled up on the couch or have outdoor plans, you cannot go wrong with a turtleneck dress. Not only will it keep you warm all night, but it’s also a piece that you either already own or can wear again. We recommend adding some statement earrings and necklaces to freshen up the staple.

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Cardigan + Metallic Pants
(Image credit: @chainkyr)

Striking a balance between comfort and festivity is the key to the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit idea, and no one nails that balance quite more beautifully than Chainky. Just pair a full-length cardigan with some metallic pants for a look made for a celebratory evening. 

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Dramatic Minidress + Heels
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What better way to start 2023 off on a stylish note than by donning a dramatic minidress? Opting for a dress with tulle, organza, bows, or a vibrant hue will ensure you look great long past when the clock strikes midnight. 

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Fancy Pajamas
(Image credit: @laurenpops)

If after all these cute New Year’s Eve outfits, you find yourself still not convinced to will yourself out of your sweatpants, then we’ve got an idea for you: fancy pajamas. Comfort can be chic, and so long as there is a little bit of glitz involved in your NYE look, who’s to say you didn’t celebrate with style?

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