The It Girl's Guide to Dressing Chic at the Club (Yes, It Can Be Done)

Don't judge me for what I'm about to tell you, but I am not the going-out type. I love the idea of getting all gussied up (I have an arsenal of special-occasion dresses, after all), but when it comes to being in a nightclub, it's not it for me. In part, that's because I'm picky as hell—the crowd, the clothes, and the cocktails need to be on point in order to get me to crawl out of my apartment. But with summer in swing and Beyoncé's Renisannce bumping in the back of my brain nonstop, one could say that I've embraced the idea of taking a short spin on the dance floor again. 

And if you clicked into this story, I'm guessing that you, too, feel called to a night out, which is justifiable considering how challenging the past few years have been. We all deserve a night to let our hair down, slip into some fun platform shoes, and bounce to the beat. But if you're anything like me, you don't play when it comes to planning a night out, especially when deciding what to wear to the club. No one wants to look like a carbon copy of every other person in the venue, so having a few outfits you can turn to that are chic but club friendly is a must.

Luckily for us, there are loads of looks from the fashion set that prove once and for all that dance moves aren't the only things that can be served on the floor. Ahead, you'll find 13 club outfit ideas along with key pieces to shop for your 'fit. 

Black Bodysuit + Jeans + Neon Heels + Sparkly Bag
club outfit idea for cold weather,  black bodysuit and jeans with heels



When it comes to dressing up for a night of dancing, sometimes turning to a simple outfit formula (e.g., a bodysuit and jeans) is the way to go. But if you want to stand out on the dance floor, pay attention to details. Opt for a bodysuit or jeans with unique details and standout sparkly or neon accessories for an effortless going-out look. 

Shop the key pieces:

The party doesn't start until you walk in with this bag. 

Rimless Sunglasses + Corset Top + Matching Pants + Clutch
club outfit ideas



Corsets have become the cool-girl staple for a reason, as they work for every occasion—the club included. For your night out, I recommend opting for a corset with matching pants, a clutch and heels in contrasting hues, and a pair of rimless sunglasses to embrace the "in the club" energy.

Shop the key pieces:

Disco ready. 

Shop the matching Rezek Studio Copper Hustle Pant ($295). 

Channel your inner Rihanna and wear sunglasses in the club. 

Skirt Set + Statement Heels
club outfit idea for warm weather, matching set and sandals



Let's be honest. It gets hot on the dance floor, so the idea of wearing pants can seem cool until it's not. If you want to keep your outfit simple but don't want to sweat, then I recommend wearing a cute skirt set and a fun pair of heels. You'll be cool (in every definition of the word). 

Shop the key pieces:

Call me extra, but I love feather-adorned heels. 

Sparkly Minidress + Sandals + Sparkly Handbag
formal club outfit ideas, sparkly mini dress and sandals



Ready to step out? Well, then embracing a little sparkly ensemble is the move. Opt for a simple minidress paired with sandals and a matching handbag to avoid being overdressed. It's the perfect pinch of shine for the evening. 

Shop the key pieces:

DJ, please play "Diamonds" by Rihanna. 

Halter Top + Miniskirt + Cowboy Boots
comfortable club outfit ideas, halter top, mini skirt, boots



Anyone who has spent the night out dancing knows there's always a point in the night where your feet have had it. If you're trying not to reach that moment, you'll want to replicate the look above. Pairing comfortable cowboy boots with a miniskirt and halter top is a way to ensure you can do the Hokey Pokey all night, sans blisters. 

Shop the key pieces:

Meet the perfect little going-out top. 

You'll be able to dance all night in these. 

Denim Jacket + Tube Top + Jeans + Tinted Sunglasses + Sneakers
cool and cozy club outfit idea, jean jacket with tube top and sneakers



Who said you couldn't be comfortable in the club? The key is to tap into '90s nostalgia by opting for an R&B singer–inspired look—e.g., logo-adorned denim styled with a tube top, sneakers, and tinted sunglasses. Find me in the club chillin' on the couch in this cozy 'fit. 

You won't have to wobble home at the end of the night in these.

Minidress + Clutch + Platform Heels
club outfit ideas, sparkly night out outfit idea



If you're not the sneaker type of gal, I get it. Luckily, there are ways to dress up and still be comfortable all evening—enter platform heels. Pair them with a minidress and clutch and you've got a comfy yet cute outfit worthy of taking out for a spin. 

Shop the key pieces:

In case you love the exact dress above as much as I do. 

Sparkly Bra Top + Low-Rise Skirt + Hoops
club outfit ideas, what to wear while going out in Europe



Something about going out while traveling—dancing by the sea in Greece, bar hopping in Barcelona, grabbing drinks at a burlesque club in Paris—hits different. The occasion requires something extra, and the look above is perfect if you're willing to show a little skin. A sparkly bra top paired with a low-rise skirt and hoop earrings is a bold look sure to cement the evening as special. 

Shop the key pieces:

Pro tip: add a tank or T-shirt underneath or a blazer over if you want to cover up a bit more. 

The hemline and ruching on this skirt give it the illusion of being low-rise.

Statement Top + Metallic Pants + Metallic Sandals
club outfit ideas, metallic going out look



Craving that shine but need a bit more coverage? Then the look above is all you. You don't have to bare it all to sparkle on the dance floor. Simply pair a bold statement top (which can be cropped if you want) with metallic pants and heels. 

Shop the key pieces:

"Alien Superstar" fans, this is all you. 

Printed Dress + Platform Sandals + Clutch
club outfit ideas, miami outfit idea



If you don't want to look too disco inspired, another way to channel Studio 54 vibes without getting too kitschy lies in the look above. Pair a printed dress with platform heels and a brightly hued clutch for a groovy getup. 

Shop the key pieces:
Corset + Matching Miniskirt + Boots + Shoulder Bag
club outfit ideas for the fall, what to wear to the club when it's cold



Yes, I realize this is, indeed, the second outfit idea that includes a corset—can you blame me? This beloved piece is an essential part of any going-out arsenal and possibly the best top you can buy for a night out. But if you want to make this piece even better (yes, you read that right), pair it with a matching miniskirt, a chain-strap shoulder bag, and knee-high boots. You'll be embodying bad-girl energy through and through. 

Shop the key pieces:

Yes, yes, yes. 

Shop the matching Aphex Corset Top ($295).

Pro tip: opt for a timeless crossbody that can be worn outside the club too. 

Crystal Earrings + Feather Dress + Red Lipstick
club outfit ideas for New Year's Eve


@handinfire; Pictured: Santa Brands Black Feathers Dress ($1345)

Consider this your last call to embrace the idea of going all out for your next night out. Why not make the most of the evening by wearing a  feather-adorned dress? It's your world, darling. I recommend keeping the rest of the look classic by adding crystal earrings, simple heels, and red lipstick.

Keeping your makeup minimal will ensure you don't have to wait in the bathroom line to reapply after sweating on the dance floor. 

Black Minidress + Sequinned Bag + Platform Heels
classic club outfit idea, simple club outfit idea



When in doubt, the outfit that will never fail you is a little black dress—it's basically the universal club uniform. Of course, if the idea of unilaterally falling into the cliché club look makes you cringe, I'll let you in on a little secret. It's all about investing in a few standout pieces you love. Don't be afraid to dole out a few extra dollars for a high-quality black dress, fun platforms, and a sequin bag because, in the end, that's what will make you stand out on the dance floor. The key to looking chic in the club is finding great pieces that make you want to celebrate.