I Just Got Back From Aspen—5 Winter Trends I'm Convinced Will Take Over in 2023


The fact that Canadians are the first to know about the next big winter trends became very clear to me when I hopped on a Zoom call with Nitsan Raiter and we compared the current state of the weather. She was recovering from a day spent navigating a November snowstorm while I was just starting to bundle up and embrace what I consider to be cold: the low 50s. Nitsan has spent a lifetime dressing for cold weather and she's found a way to make it work, telling me that "it's all about thinking outside the box on how to stay warm during a really cold season. All you need is a good coat, a good hat, and you're good."

At the beginning of the month, Raiter headed to Aspen to spend a long weekend in the snow before it hit really hard. While there she tested out her winter wardrobe which showcased her personal style which is "a combination of classic meets trendy. I have my go-to's but then I love mixing in more trendy elements based on the season." Many of the trends she wore and saw around town were too good not to share. Below, she tells me the five winter trends that are guaranteed to take over in 2023.

1. Leg Warmers


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"I'm really excited about leg warmers this season. I think they're so fun to pair with boots but also with heels. I found mine on Amazon, when I get into a trend, I typically want to style it the next day really fast. I try out the style or the trend and if I really like it I'll invest in better pieces."—Nitsan Raiter

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2. Red Everything


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"This is a color I used to stay away from, but now I'm so into it. I feel like it's so fun, even if it's just with a lip or nails, incorporating more red is very sexy, bold, and empowering. I'm here for that."—Raiter

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3. Le Vie En Rose


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"Another trend I am into is big floral embellishments. I saw a lot of it during NYFW, whether it was with a choker or in the middle of a fun dress. I'd love to try it out in the winter to brighten up things a little bit. I'm even seeing it in shoes, I have these really cute Blumarine heels with a really big flower at the tip, they're black stilettos. I think bringing flowers into winter would be fun."—Raiter

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4. The Oversize Look


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"I don't have this yet, but I'm on the look out for oversize bags. They're really having a comeback. I love my small purses and micro bags, but I'm looking forward to actually having a place for my phone."—Raiter

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5. Translucent Elements


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"Lastly, I'm all about sheer details. Think translucent elements of clothing like lace at the bottom of a skirt which I saw on the runway recently. I think playing with sheer elements this winter will be a lot of fun."—Raiter

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