8 New Wardrobe Staples 30-Somethings Should Consider

In your 20s, you probably acquired your core wardrobe basics. The perfect T-shirt? Check. A flattering pair of skinny jeans? You bet! And that leather jacket—it’s been perfectly broken in. But when you reach your 30s, there are some new essentials to consider.

You’re probably thinking about how to look put together and stylish. You want to be tapped into the trends but also build an arsenal of essentials you can wear year after year. To get you started, we’re naming the new wardrobe staples to invest in during your 30s—from leg-lengthening mules to straight-leg jeans to a timeless investment bag. Want to know which key pieces made our list?

Keep reading to check out the eight items every 30-something should consider, and shop our favorite picks to add to your closet.