We’re Fashion Editors—8 Accessories We’re Buying for Summer (and 6 We’re Over)

The best summer accessories

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With the ebb and flow of the trend cycle comes an accumulation of items that increase or decrease in popularity each season. Of course, though, you should always wear whatever you love, regardless of what some deem trendy. That said, if you are looking for summer shopping inspiration, we thought we'd share some of the items we love and those we're personally putting aside for now. Oh, and we wanted to focus on shoes and accessories specifically. Hey, those special add-ons can take any wardrobe to that next level.

A few members of our fashion team gave insights into the outdated summer accessories they're not into and also offered feedback on the trendy pieces they will be wearing instead. As a preview, there's everything from a statement-making jewelry trend to a fresh sunglasses look coming your way.

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Michaela Bushkin, Fashion Director, Branded Content

A fashion editor wearing a white tank and a belt

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Into: Belts and Strappy Sandals

Not as Into: Fisherman Sandals

"I wear a lot of basics and neutrals so I've been relying on cool belts to elevate my looks and—spoiler alert—it's working. It's a genius hack for making any outfit appear more expensive. Lately, I'm favoring ones that make a statement with unique buckles or unexpected hardware details. I'm breaking up with the fisherman sandal trend this summer simply because I never feel cute wearing them. Instead, I'm opting for simple strappy sandals or platform flip flops." — Bushkin

Jennifer Camp Forbes, Shopping Updates Editor

Jennifer Camp Forbes

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Into: Woven Leather Tote Bags

Not as Into: Logo-Heavy Straw Bags

"A woven leather tote bag has been a favorite option for well over a decade. The bag style transcends trends, plus it is practical and effortless all at once. I opt for black and warm brown colors and wear them with everything from a basic tee-and-jeans look to a pretty dress moment." — Camp Forbes

Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, Editor

A fashion editor wearing a white skirt and flats

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Into: '80s-Inspired Jewelry

Not as Into: Y2K-Inspired Jewelry

"A few summers back, you couldn't scroll through Instagram without spotting jewelry that was reminiscent of the aughts (e.g., chunky acrylic rings or beaded necklaces). While those pieces are fun, I'm ready to embrace something chicer this season. I'm particularly obsessed with all the '80s-inspired Jewelry we've seen emerge on the runways—from chain belts to clip-on earrings. These elevated jewelry items feel like the perfect way to make everyday staples shine this summer." — Fox-Suliaman

Allyson Payer, Senior Editor


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Into: Chunky, Sculptural Silver Rings

Not as Into: Chunky Resin Rings

"I don't think I'll be wearing any of those chunky resin rings that used to be so popular this summer. Chunky, sculptural silver rings look more sophisticated, and they're the perfect match for white linen." — Payer

Bobby Schuessler, Shopping Director

White shirt and jeans combo

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Into: Oversize Sunglasses and Bag Charms

Not as Into: Super Tiny Sunglasses

"I've been gravitating towards oversize sunglasses (rather than the once trendy super tiny sunglasses). Whether in a square, oval, or aviator shape, I'm here for this runway-approved trend. I'm also so into the bag charm trend we've seen everywhere! It's such a fun way to make any bag style feel new." — Schuessler

Grace O'Connell-Joshua, Assistant Shopping Editor

Outdated accessories and what to buy instead

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Into: Sea-Inspired Jewelry

Not as Into: Understated Studs

"I'm still loving sea-inspired jewelry for summer. I just ordered these adorable fish earrings from Zara that I can't wait to style for a summer weekend. I think they'll look fabulous with a white dress." — O'Connell-Joshua

Bobby Schuessler
Market Director

Bobby Schuessler is a fashion editor with over a decade of editorial experience covering shopping, style, and beauty. He's spent over seven years at Who What Wear, currently leading the market team to deliver highly covetable and convertible content. He creates data-driven shopping guides featuring top retialers like Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Net-a-Porter and is at the forefront of Who What Wear's shopping tentpole strategies, including Amazon Prime Day. He also works on branded content initiatives and appears on camera in video and shopping livestream franchises. He has also worked across a variety of other media brands and fashion retailers like Refinery29, PureWow, Men's Health, and Gilt covering commerce, trend reporting, women's and men's fashion, home, and lifestyle.