I'm Just Going to Say It—These 8 Pant Trends Are Cooler Than Jeans RN

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Jeans are great and all, but this fall, we really want to encourage you to step outside of your little comfortable box and slip those pins into something a tad more special. Fall 2018 has presented a slew of interesting pant trends that are just as worthy of a spot in your wardrobe as any pair of skinny jeans. In case you're hesitant to wear a statement pant look, we're here to convince you, so we hope you're ready.

Clearly, you don't have to ask me twice if I think these trends are cooler than jeans this season (hence the headline), but it's you, my dear reader, that I'm worried about. Ahead, discover the eight new pant trends that bubbled up for fall 2018 and soon you'll see why we're temporarily ditching our go-to denim looks in place of go-to trouser looks. Who's with me?


Old-school plaids are popping up all over the pant world this season. Our favorite way to style these this fall is with white sneakers and a basic sweater.

Colored Leather

Leather pants are no longer what they used to be. Now coming in a slew of bold colorways, the striking pant trend finally feels fresh again.


Leather pants aren't the only ones getting a cool new color update because cords are following closely behind. Whether you're looking for a more classic brown pair or a bold hue like kelly green, this pant trend is a great place to start.

Double Waistbands

Apparently, one waistband isn't enough these days to keep the fashion crowd at bay—only two or even three are. While this look definitely isn't for everyone, it's one trend we personally are very into.


We couldn't do a roundup of fall pant trends without including leopard. Channel your inner '80s nostalgia with colored leopard, or stick to the classics. Whichever style you choose, you'll be looking wildly current.


If you're looking for something a little edgier than colored leather, glossy patent pants are probably your best bet. Wear these all through fall and winter as your new going-out pants or with a T-shirt and sneakers on the weekend.


Who needs to hem pants when you have cute little ankle ties to tighten up loose ends? Detailing around the ankle is a forward-feeling take on more traditional pant styles.


Last but not least, metallic pants are making quite a scene on the fall trend scene and thanks to brands like J Brand, the silhouettes are actually approachable. Think your regular jeans but really shiny.

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