I'm Just Going to Say It—These 8 Pant Trends Are Cooler Than Jeans RN


The Style Stalker

Jeans are great and all, but this fall, we really want to encourage you to step outside of your little comfortable box and slip those pins into something a tad more special. Fall 2018 has presented a slew of interesting pant trends that are just as worthy of a spot in your wardrobe as any pair of skinny jeans. In case you're hesitant to wear a statement pant look, we're here to convince you, so we hope you're ready.

Clearly, you don't have to ask me twice if I think these trends are cooler than jeans this season (hence the headline), but it's you, my dear reader, that I'm worried about. Ahead, discover the eight new pant trends that bubbled up for fall 2018 and soon you'll see why we're temporarily ditching our go-to denim looks in place of go-to trouser looks. Who's with me?