The Secrets of the Best Skinny Jeans, According to Denim Brands That Know

Amazing skinny jeans are sleek, timeless, slim-fit, and comfortable, giving new meaning to the phrase “hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave.” However, when it comes to how to find the best skinny jeans, it’s a bit of a solo mission: You can listen to all the reviews, but ultimately, it takes test-driving a few different pairs in order to lead you to The One—or, if you’re lucky, maybe even a few.

Of course, from a design perspective, there are a few essential elements that go into a wonderful denim design, and we asked experts at Baldwin, AYR, and Mother to divulge what they are. Below are the qualities they credit to creating the best—maybe even perfect—pairs of skinny jeans, and most importantly, some telltale signs of quality denim that you can spot even before you get into a pair. Scroll on for their advice and to shop some of our favorites skinnies available right now.