I'm a Trend-Obsessed Editor, But I'm Adding These 7 Boring Items to My Closet

When I shop, I shop for trends. It takes my socks starting to pill and my white T-shirts no longer being white for me to motivate me to re-up my wardrobe basics—and I do so begrudgingly at that. Then, and only then, will I actually do the responsible thing and make these fashion purchases that are less than thrilling but definitely seem like the right thing to do. 

Usually, this is my relationship to basics. But as soon as we turned a corner into spring 2020, something interesting started to happen. All of a sudden, these non-exciting (okay, downright "boring") pieces started to seem as cool and exciting as any newer trend on the market. Maybe it's a larger shift in the fashion world towards shopping for longevity, or maybe it's simply that designers are putting some seriously fresh spins on these tried-and-true pieces, but there's no denying that something's afoot. You know it's real when this admittedly trend-minded editor has a shopping list chock-full of these new clothing basics instead of their more out-there counterparts.

In any case, basics are having a moment, and I'm so here for it. To see each of the seven pieces on my spring shopping list (and maybe even add some of them to your cart), just keep scrolling.

1. Tan Trench Coat

Trench coats are all over the street style scene at fashion month, and I foresee that this classic topper will be a trending wardrobe basic all throughout the year.

new clothing basics: oversized oxford shirts



The S/S 20 runways pushed the oxford shirt hard and provided a myriad of ways to style them. My favorite look consists of an oversize menswear-inspired approach, and I've taken to wearing mine over minidresses with tights and boots or even worn open as a light jacket.

Iridescent buttons make this one so special.

I may have already ordered this.

3. Loose, Languid Trousers

new clothing basics: wide-leg trousers


@anna__laplaca; Pictured: Low Classic Wool-Blend Wide-Leg Pants ($220)

As "boring" as they might be, loose-fitting suit trousers are one of my go-to's right now, especially when I'm tired of wearing my jeans all the time. The key to re-creating the look is, in my opinion, to go for a pair that pools around your ankles a bit.

Gray and white is the sleeper color combo I'm into.

4. Boxy Blazer

Boxy blazers aren't new by any means, but they continue to be relevant as the building blocks of any modern, fashion-forward wardrobe. I've been on the hunt for the next one to add to my closet, and the below have all been strong contenders.

This suit is cool together, but the pieces are just as good worn separately.

5. Platform Brogues

new clothing basics: brogues



Brogues are like the older sister to loafers but are a lot less talked-about. Well, that ends now because an influx of cool, chunky-soled brogues have hit the market. The platform soles give these timeless shoes a very 2020 spin.

The pair you've seen all over your feed.

A classic shoe with an updated look.

6. Tube Socks

Yep, not even your sock drawer is immune to this new wave of trendy basics. Tube socks are eclipsing the no-show sock look, so go ahead, wear your dorkiest, thickest socks and do let them show in between your shoes and pant legs.

You'll never lose a fun pair like these to laundry day again.

Fact: You can never have too many trouser socks.

7. Plain Sweats

new clothing basics: sweatpants



Leggings are cool and all, but fashion girls are opting for thick jogger instead right now, and I have to say, I'm kind of into it. It's very Jerry Seinfeld circa 1995 but in a cool normcore way, you know?

It doesn't get any more basic (or on the mark) than gray sweats.

Outdoor Voices just came out with their own joggers, and we bet they're really good.