7 Bikini Trends That Will Dominate Summer 2019

Bikini Trends 2019



Although we’ve been anxiously anticipating the dawn of spring, it’s always the things we can’t have that we want the most. Currently, that pipe dream is the arrival of summer and all the swimsuits that come with it. Just like ready-to-wear, there are heaps of swimsuit trends that have ebbed and flowed over the years. Today, we’re here to bring you the hottest new styles that will be everywhere come the height of spring and summer weather. To get even more granular, we’re going to focus on the bikini trends that will get everyone buzzing this season. Because if you ask us, two pieces can sometimes be better than one.

Over the past few years, swimsuits have become such an integral part of our wardrobes as the design and function of bikinis and one-pieces alike have advanced at rapid speeds. Thanks to the rise of resort wear and our desire to feel like our swimsuits are more than just something we wear on vacation, this sartorial category now includes ruffles, tank tops, Western belts, and more. Ahead, discover the bikini trends 2019 swimsuit lovers won’t be able to stop talking about. From ’70s prints to delicate cap sleeves, this roundup of bathing suits is unlike all the rest, guaranteed. 

Sports Stars

Sporty detailing of all kinds is taking center stage among the bikini world including neoprene fabrics, zippers, drawstring bottoms, and more.

That ’70s Suit

Retro swimsuits have been a trend with a long shelf life, but this year, it’s the selection of throwback prints that are doing all the talking. Bold ’70s florals and scarf prints are making bikinis of all shapes and sizes look particularly fresh this season… in a nostalgic kind of a way.

Underneath It All

Underwire bikini tops are one of our favorite bikini trends this year. No matter your breast size, this swimsuit top is one that will support and flatter you while simultaneously having you look 100% stylish.

Animal Instincts

No matter how into “fashion” you are, you’ve surely noticed the overwhelming presence of animal prints out and about. Well, folks, that trend quickly translated to swimwear, which means anything from zebra to jungle-esque prints are a major yes.

To Dye For

Spring 2019 is all about the tie-dye trend, and summer 2019 is all about the tie-dye bikini. In case you were too timid to test the style out IRL, a bathing suit is a seamless way to ease in.

Cap it Off

Last year it was tankinis, and this year it’s the cap sleeve. We’re seeing swimwear trends dabble in the more-is-more philosophy, and with sun protection at an all-time high, we could not be more in love with this swimsuit trend.

Rogue Ruffles

When it comes to swimwear this year, the more ruffles the better. Wear them on your shoulders, your waist, and everywhere in between for a frilly and fun summertime look.