These Perfect Neutral Nail Colours Are Ideal If You're a Minimalist

When it comes to nail colours, I personally like to play it safe. November to March I’m a CND Oxblood disciple (thanks Monikh for that addiction), but once spring and summer come around, I’m all about those understated neutrals. Call me a minimalist but I’ve never been one for fancy nail art, or a constant rotation of different colours. Not because I'm not a fan— some of the recent looks filling Instagram almost had me reaching for the nail pen. It’s mainly because I’m just awful at doing my own nails and unfortunately don’t have the patience, or money, to visit the salon every week. I like my manis to work hard and that’s exactly what a neutral does.

Whether it’s a creamy beige, chic taupe or pale pink, neutrals are arguably the most versatile nail colour you can choose. They’re guaranteed to go with everything you own, making sure you avoid any awkward colour clashing when you start to add prints or brights into your summer wardrobe. Plus, whether you’re wearing a pretty dress for a picnic with friends, or just popping out to get milk in your sweats, a neutral nail just adds a certain understated class to any look, don’t you think?

Luckily for me, neutrals are a huge nail trend right now (and really, when aren’t they?). As long as it’s opaque and glossy, it will do the trick. Although it might seem obvious to go for a nude to match your skin tone, it’s often more flattering to actually go one shade darker or lighter, for a more intentional look. Alternatively, a bright white is a great way to make a statement with your nails whilst still keeping them looking crisp and clean. 

The difficulty can often be finding the perfect shades, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Here we’ve rounded up some of our favourite neutral nail inspiration alongside some of the bestselling neutral nail colours to suit all skin tones. Keep scrolling to shop…

Neutral Nail Inspiration:


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