24 Summer Items to Buy From Net-a-Porter Before They Sell Out

20 Summer Items to Buy From Net-a-Porter



As much as I'd like to say my time spent at home has been dedicated to doing productive things like working out, organizing my apartment, and cleaning, it really hasn't. Truthfully, I spend 99% of my time scrolling Instagram and shopping online. (I mean, it is part of my job.) Since I mostly follow fashion girls, I'm pretty well-versed on what's trending in the style world: strappy sandals, ribbed tanks, and tie-dye, to name a few. And it seems like a lot of those items are coming from one of my favorite sites, NET-A-PORTER. So before everyone and their sister gets online and all my most-wanted products start selling out (stress!), I'm going to share all the things I need to immediately add to my cart. So don't hesitate and keep scrolling to snag all of these cute pieces before they're gone.