These 37 Random Under-$100 Items Make Me Feel Rich

The more days I spend in quarantine, the more I try and make sure I appreciate the little things. While it's been a bit (okay, really) hard watching the lives of my favorite celebrities as they shelter in place in their mega-mansions and lounge by the pool all day (you know who I'm talking about), I still try my hardest to make my situation the best it can be . And while I'm in a two bedroom, tiny apartment in Santa Monica, I still find ways to feel like a million bucks (without having to spend it.) I've found that if I invest in little luxuries (seriously, even just nice soaps!) that give me a feeling of bliss, I get more excited to spend the days in my apartment

So even though I may not have a backyard, private tennis court, or a giant kitchen to use right now—here's a roundup of items I've accumulated over the past couple of months, plus a few I'm currently adding to my cart, that make me feel rich.

Home Essentials

This diffuser is everything to me—it makes every room smell like heaven! I currently have it in my bedroom, and it's giving me all the good vibes while I work.

I'm not sure why, but the first thing I did when quarantine started was get new books for my coffee table. I think I thought, If I'm going to be working from my couch more often than not, I might as well make where I put my feet look chic.

If you're thinking, I've seen this before—you're right. Kourtney Kardashian is always sipping out of this mug. It's now become a staple for me and my roommate. (And it's only $15!)

This candle instantly transports me to an Italian beach.

My apartment is never without fresh flowers.

Another good coffee-table book option.

I've been getting creative in quarantine with my efforts to drink more water. (I'm usually really bad.) My new thing is to fill a super-chic bottle with a ton of cucumber and fruit and keep it in my fridge. It tastes like spa water.

I just finished a Gray Malin puzzle that made me feel like I was on a bougie tropical vacation, so I decided to add this book to my cart to keep the dream going.

This is a little over $100, but it's so worth it. I've tried diffusers that are cheaper, and let me tell you, they just don't work as well. This one will infuse your whole home with whatever essential oil you put in it and keep you in a relaxed mood all day.

The feeling when you walk into a nice spa and instantly feel all your troubles lift away? Yeah, you can get that with this essential oil.

And this one (with an added beachy Italian feel).

Just the look of this candle makes me want to spend all of my money.

I could never afford a Keith Haring painting, so this candle makes my apartment feel like I have expensive art.

It's time to upgrade that 5 p.m. cocktail. 

Okay, I know that "bougie" is just "candle" in French, but you have to admit that any brand that puts it in the product name (when every other word is in English) wants you to know this is going to smell expensive. I'm just saying.

These Ugg slippers are a house staple. They're so comfortable, only $100, and plenty of celebs can't live without them. 

Bath Essentials 

Why dry off with regular towels when you can splurge on these super-soft ones from Parachute? I hate to break it to you, but once you try them, you'll never go back.

Ugh, this packaging is so chic I don't even care what's inside. Luckily, it's a totally clean brand with ingredients you'll actually want to use on your body.

The smell of clean towels and sheets is one thing, but the smell of them when they've been washed with a fancy detergent—a true game changer.

Now, I may not have a big, fancy tub like in my dreams, but when I throw this bubble bath in the bathtub at my apartment and close my eyes, I'm immediately transported there.

Bathrobes make me feel luxe. That is all.

Dr. Barbara Sturm is one pricey brand (almost everything is over $100), but you can score this dry brush for under $40 and feel just as fancy.

Every celebrity, influencer, and beauty guru swears by this tool, so it's definitely a good one to indulge in. 

This body wash gives me the same feeling as when I get out of the shower at a fancy hotel.


I spritz this scent on myself every morning. Even though I'm in quarantine, I deserve to smell really, really good.


I'm guilty of recreating Kylie Jenner's makeup tutorials in my own bathroom. The lighting on this thing is incredible.

Elevate the everyday task of combing your hair with this stunning (yes, I said stunning) comb.

Wearing an expensive hand lotion (while it may do the same thing as a cheaper version), just makes me feel like a millionaire.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra, and Candice Swanepoel use this brand—that's enough convincing for me.

Nothing says "rich" quite like a silk pillowcase. I may not be able to afford a full silk sheet set, but I can, at least, splurge on this silky pillowcase that keeps my skin glowing and my hair shining.

Eye masks are the most luxe skincare item you can get, in my opinion. (And they're totally selfie-worthy.)

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