These Celebs Are Really Trying to Replace Chokers

Ah, 2016—a simpler time, when Taylor Swift declared chokers "the new flower crowns" at Coachella and put the trend on the fast track to total ubiquity.

Fast-forward 12 months and even choker devotee Kendall Jenner has said she's now "over" the style, and while we're sure we'll still see plenty of beribboned necks at music festivals in the coming months, it does seem like high time to find worthy alternatives to the silk, velvet, and leather versions that dominated Instagram feeds last year. And who better to usher in the next jewelry craze than the celebrities who helped bring chokers to the masses last year?

With Coachella fast approaching, we'll be on the lookout to see which of their recent go-to necklace trends takes hold at the festival–will it be Emily Ratajkowski's unfussy coin pendants? Or Bella Hadid's silver statement crosses?

Read on for a rundown of seven necklace trends that look poised to take over the festival circuit and beyond in 2017.