Seriously, Though: This Engagement Ring Trend Is Really Romantic

Nature inspired engagement rings



Engagement rings are one of those pieces of that feel so personal to their wearers that it’s hard not to browse through an endless selection to find one that really speaks to you. With that in mind, for every type of personal style out there in the world, there’s a ring style to go with. For the brides-to-be who want to take a romantic or bohemian route, you can’t go wrong with choosing a nature-inspired engagement ring.

This engagement ring trend is particularly unique (with details like twisted vine-like bands or sculpted designs mimicking nature motifs), and it’s also incredibly whimsical. No doubt, you won’t find a ring like this often. Whether you want an engagement ring inspired by the plants and textures of the outdoors, or you’re looking for something otherworldly, we found some of the best styles on the market to embody your love for nature…

This diamond-covered ring is so whimsical.

The brand of this ring is inspired by a willow branch, and carries a beautiful texture to it.

You can’t deny how chic and unique this textured ring is.

A celestial ring will always be breathtaking.

We can’t get over the small flowers and tiny diamonds in this setting.

Price available upon request.

When you don’t want a traditional diamond, opt for a bright sapphire such as this one.

A cluster of stones will remind you of natural rock formations.

The way these stones create the image of a flower is so intriguing.

The marquis diamond on this looks like a delicate leaf.

You won’t be able to take your eyes off of the vintage-inspired foliage details.

Fall in love with the night every time you look down at this moonstone ring.

You’ll feel as though you’re wearing a diamond flower on your finger with this style.

If you’re staying on the nontraditional route, consider this wedding dress trend.