The Only 5 NYC Nail Salons Fashion Girls Love

Manicures and pedicures are accessories that live on your body. A good toe color can elevate your average nude or black sandal to something statement-making, and a cool set of nail art can both pull together an entire look and earn you more Instagram likes than posting a $3000 bag. Long story short: Nails are the ultimate way for fashion girls to accessorize their look for less than $100. 

But this only works when you go to a salon that knows what they're doing. Where do fashion girls with the best nails go to get them done? To start answering that question, we hit up a few of our fashion editor friends in New York City to see where the most stylish women in NYC go for manis, pedis, and nail art. Keep scrolling to discover the five best nail salons in NYC for fashion girl–approved nails.


This self-care hot spot on the Lower East Side offers everything from hangover cure massages to dope nail services. Our fashion insiders specify that if cool nail art is your jam (either edgy or minimalist, whatever your steez), make an appointment here, where you can enjoy the space's chill vibes skilled and nail techs over a matcha latté or glass of vino. Nail art prices start at $45.


Location: 149 Essex St

Standard mani price: $25


It's always an elegant experience at this fashion editor–beloved salon, which only stocks non-toxic polish. Chic, streamlined interiors make the Tenoverten experience (at all four NYC locations) feel more like hanging out in someone's cool apartment than a traditional nail spot. PS: This is also where I personally go for mani-pedis every time.


Locations: 132 W. Houston St; 112 Reade St; 121 Fulton St; 119 W. 56th St

Standard mani price: $25


Fashion-y celebs like Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker swear by this elegant salon, founded by the legendary manicurist of the same name. Magazine editors also agree that JINsoon's four locations are the absolute best places in the city for luxurious pedicures, which range in price from $35 to $65.


Locations: 37 Walker St; 56 E. Fourth St; 23 Jones St; 421 E. 73rd St

Standard mani price: $23


A perfect day of shopping in Soho invariably ends with a manicure at Paintbox. At this chic nail art mecca, you can sink into a sophisticated leather seat with a glass of champagne, and choose from dozens of artistic, delicately curated nail art designs ($58 to $68), which change with the trends and seasons.


Location: 17 Crosby St

Standard mani price: $35

Sundays Nail Studio

If what you're looking for is a clean, simple, flawless manicure executed with nontoxic ingredients in a serene environment, you're likely a Sundays person. The studio's minimalist interiors and earthy colors make you feel like you're at a health retreat, which in a way, you sort of are—the space often hosts wellness events and focus groups.


Location: 51 E. 25th St; 611 5th Ave (at Saks Fifth Ave)

Standard mani price: $25

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