I've Been Eyeing These 30 Items for Months—I Finally Added These 9 to My Cart


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Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand will share the top finds on their current wish list.

The gift-giving season has officially subsided. I've wrapped, I've tied bows, I've recycled boxes, I've fought through the holiday-shopping madness, and I've wrapped some more. Now, it's finally time to focus on buying things for myself again. (What can I say? I have a problem.) At the end of the year, I always like to take a look through my screenshots, notes, texts, and saved TikTok posts and jot down all the things I'd planned to come back to throughout the year. After this year's deep dive, I added up 30 things that I've been waiting to buy for myself. Yes, really. But for the time being, I'm only allowing myself to add nine things to my cart because I'm not ridiculous, okay? (But let's be real. I'll be scooping up the other 21 items soon enough.) Want to see my haul? Keep scrolling.

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Anneliese Henderson
Senior Editor, Branded Content

Anneliese Henderson is a Los Angeles–based senior editor on the branded content team at Who What Wear where she covers the latest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. When she’s not writing about her favorite trends, you can find her reading a book by the beach or spending money on overpriced smoothies at Erewhon.