The Easy Outfit Every Single Fashion Girl Wears

If stylish outfit formulas that you can wear on repeat are of interest to you (and how could they not be?), then this one's for you. Truth be told, there aren't many outfit formulas out there that are perfect enough to be worn over and over again. Either there aren't enough possible combinations to keep it interesting or it's not versatile enough to be wearable for a variety of different occasions.

But sometimes the sartorial stars align and an outfit formula is strong enough to be considered uniform-worthy. The one that we've noticed every fashion girl is completely smitten with is as follows: a blazer, tee or blouse, jeans, and polished shoes (often ankle boots or mules). We see this outfit so often because there are countless possible combinations you can create by switching out the separate elements. For example, wear a double-breasted checked blazer, tee, cropped flares, and loafers for a busy day of errands, or out at night in the form of a smoking jacket, ruffled blouse, black jeans, and heels.

To prove just how popular this outfit is, we rounded up 13 instances via some of the world's most stylish women (aka fashion week attendees like Lauren Santo Domingo, Miroslava Duma, and Jeanne Damas). Plus, we sourced some of our favorite pieces to create the outfit for yourself. Read on to familiarize yourself with and shop the one outfit that every fashion girl has in common.