The Most Popular Gift Items by City

What did you ask for this holiday season? Are you dying for cozy pieces like slippers or a scarf, or are you determined to live out your New Year's resolution with some sleek activewear? Given the wide variety of personal styles out there, everyone's wish lists probably look drastically different. Call us nosy, but we're fascinated by which gifts people are coveting right now, so we set out to collect data to get the scoop. We tapped our friends at Social Context Labs to provide insight on the most-discussed fashion and beauty gifts by city, and the findings might surprise you.

The results? As it turns out, people from Los Angeles are into Nike sneakers, whereas San Franciscans prefer Adidas versions. When it comes to beauty-related gifts, Chicagoans are partial to Chanel perfume, while Miamians love a Too Faced gift set. Curious to learn more? We have the top two most popular gifts from six different cities below. 

Scroll down to find out the most popular gift items in six cities across the U.S., according to data from Social Context Labs!

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Opening Image: Getty Images