65 Gifts That Would Make Any Homebody Happy


Courtesy of brands

There are plenty of gift guides out there for the fashion friend who has it all, for the person who loves to host dinner parties, or for the Zoomer in your life who has an average daily screen time of nine hours. There's a large hole missing, though: a curated, thoughtful gift guide for your laziest, most sloth-like friend (read: me). 

This has been a *year* with too many questionable, chaotic, and high-energy moments to count. While everyone is getting ready to celebrate the holidays and party 2023 away, I'm more than happy chilling at home under a weighted blanket and watching Sex and the City reruns. We all have a friend whose definition of fun is lighting a candle and reading or experimenting in the kitchen instead of going out on the town. For all the homebodies in our lives, it may be hard to gift them with something that feels exciting and fresh to capture their personality. Thankfully, as a lazy girl myself, I've rounded up more than 65 thoughtful gifts your besties will thank you for. 

Below, shop all the best gifts for your introverted friends who love nothing more than to chill at home with a face mask on and a beverage of choice in hand. Happy shopping!

This robe will instantly transport you to Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel

No words needed for this piece of eye-candy.

Trust me when I say these are well worth the hype when it comes to the perfect indoor slipper.

After testing this brush first-hand I can say, it's the perfect Sunday night self-care ritual. While TikTok can convince me that every elevated-looking, high price-tag haircare item is a must-have, I can confidently say this one is actually worth spending your money on. Your best friend will thank you!

Although I'm not a morning person, I like to pride myself in my alarms. After trying out the Hatch Restore 2, I have to admit, I think I might just be a 5:30 A.M., riser now. The sunrise lamp feature and calming sleep settings let me start and end my day in peace, and if you're looking to gift your homebody friend the gift of rest and relaxation to start 2024 right, look no further.

After pet apparel and accessories company Little Beast partnered with NYC It girl and designer Sandy Liang on a limited-edition pet clothing capsule, I've been hooked on the brand. If me and my dog are chilling at home on the weekend, you better believe they're going to look good.

If you're looking for a gift that will make your homebody friend's jaw hit the floor, look no further. Most of us pet owners can spend more time hanging out with our fur-babies than our actual friends, so it's only fair that they're decked out too. This luxe crate isn't just a cozy pet bed, though — it doubles as a chic side table, meaning your homebody friend can always be close to your pet in style.

If you aren't going to take it from me, take it from this Sephora review: "These are so soft and cozy, perfect edition to your bed!! Leaves my hair and skin a lot softer than regular pillow cases. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping… might as well be comfortable."

This espresso martini-themed P.J. set is probably my favorite gift on this list.

Nothing says "I appreciate you," quite like a luxury spiced candle.

For the friend who's screen time is so high, it would scare their grandmother.

Give your friend the gift of self-care this year.

These best-selling platform slides are back and better than ever. Plus, they're in stock in every single size.

After testing Emi Jay's styling hair stick for the last few months, I've been hooked. Just in time for the holidays, the brand is offering the foolproof three-step laxy girl hair routine: simply use the Angel Slick on your hair, brush it back, and twist it into one of the brand's signature claw clips. It's my go-to hair routine when I'm chilling around the house.

I've never seen a pillow that screams "homebody" quite like this one.

Your friend will thank you for these ultra-luxe socks.

This fashion person-loved hoodie isn't just chic — it's incredibly comfy, too. What more could you ask for?

Give your friend the luxury gift of well-scented, fancy French hand soap this year.

If you lazy friend does ever have to leave the house, they can lug around all of their essentials in this casual, yet Insta-viral tote bag. You can also embroider it for a fun, quirky touch.

The pefect place beside your friends bed where they can keep all of their knick-knacks.

No words needed for this It item that tops nearly every single wish list. 

Unleash the scent of the holidays for your friend with this adorably-painted candle.

I'm a fully converted iPad person now since it's one of the most versatile gifts. Use it to stream your favorite shows or read e-books in bed.

In lieu of melatonin, this sweet treat is perfect for the friend who's aiming to catch up on their sleep schedule over the holidays.

There's nothing that hits better than a scalp massager during a shower after a long day at work.

For the friend who finally decided to go out and needs a last-minute mani.

The ideal Sunday reset outfit starts with these Skims boxers.

This under-$20 skincare luxury is so easy to use — just pop it on and turn on your favorite Netflix series for a relaxing mini-facial experience while sitting on your couch. Your skin will thank you! 

A spa-like shower experience within the comfort of a tiny NYC apartment is what this ultra-luxe shower head promises. As a proud owner of it, I can confidently say it delivers.

Although this gift is incredibly pricey, I have to admit, it's truly worth it. I personally have Dyson's newest Gen5detect vaccum and I haven't stopped using it thanks to it's ultra lightweight feel and deep-cleaning capabilities. As a homebody myself, it's incredibly important that my spaces are clean, serene, and relaxing (no dust bunnies here!) and, thanks to the Dyson Gen5detect, I basically feel like I'm walking into a hotel given how clean my apartment feels.

Catch some Z's with this undeniably stylish, yet cozy, comforter. 

No better feeling than feeling like you have your life together when you're watching a matching pajama set.

The wellness set has been obsessed with magnesium as of late thanks to the claims that it soothes muscles and puts you into a relaxing state right before bed. This bath soak is the perfect solution for your tired, overwork homebody bestie who's looking to get the best sleep of their life.

What's more definitive of luxury living than having scented detergent? Nothing.

For the friend who watched way too many episodes of The Great British Baking Show this year.

For the friend who should take the "Best Host of 2023" award.

If your bestie is hesitant to get out of bed since it's so cold outside, maybe you can convince them with this portable, lightweight space heater perfect to put on their desk or nightstand.

This sculpting, lifting, and toning device is perfect for your friend who would rather stay home than go 

If you're not into traditional candles, perhaps a chic, minimalist stone diffuser would be more up your alley to show your (lazy, but loved!) friend your appreciation.

These aren't just any socks... they're cool socks.

This Book-Tok beloved novel is the perfect read to snuggle up with in the winter.

Barista-standard coffee, right in your friend's home.


Candle warmers and wax melters are the latest cool aromatherapy device to buy in lieu of standard lighters.

For the friend who would rather host a Girls season watch-party than go out to a fancy dinner.

No need to leave the comfort of your kitchen to make a well-done matcha latte with this Chamberlain Coffee matcha kit.

For the friend who loves a good album and a glass of wine.

For the friend who loves making weekly flower arrangements just to feel alive.

Coffee shop vibes in the comfort of your friend's kitchen.

These custom matchbooks are perfect for your friend who prefers having their circle over instead of going out.

Skincare has never looked better.

These Gohar World candles have taken TikTok (and my heart!) by storm. If your homebody friend can't say no to cute home decor, look no furthe.

For the friend who loves searching "What do my dreams mean?" on Reddit.

This buzzy wellness brand's signature ring that tracks your sleep and steps is loved by Jennifer Aniston.

Designed and conceptualized in Japan, Balmuda's viral toaster always provides the perfect slice or milk bread bun — perfectly crispy on the outside, soft and pillowy on the inside.

This has to be my favorite step in my shower routine, hands down.

If your friend is a Sandy Liang fiend, look no further than this newly-released home line from the cool girl-approved designer.

I'll leave you with this adorable gift.