This Is the Most Popular Engagement Ring Shape in the U.S.

From trends that are in and out to unique rings for the girl who doesn't love bling, we cover engagement rings in all shapes, styles, and price points. We've previously shared some of the most jaw-dropping celebrity rings and learned how to pick the right band for your engagement ring, but today we' re focusing on straight facts. A couple weeks ago, we posted a story on the ring that has an outstanding 63,000 pins and counting on Pinterest (earning the title of Pinterest's most popular engagement ring photo).

Today we're announcing another title in the world of engagement ring: the most popular diamond shape in the U.S. The data comes WP Diamonds' "America's Diamond and Jewelry Ranking," a report that analyzes the diamond preferences of consumers state-by-state based on what consumers already own. The study revealed the top five shapes in America, with round earning the top spot and princess, marquise, emerald and cushion following.

Are you surprised? Shop our favorite round rings below, and let us know your ring shape at the end.  

Were you surprised? Let us know if you own a round diamond ring in the comments below. 

Opening Image: D. Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

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