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As we all know, cheap fashion thrills abound at Amazon. And one of the most thrilling cheap thrills, in my humble opinion, is a new pair of sunglasses. I often hear that many people actually prefer cheap sunglasses, as they're prone to breaking and losing them. (Valid.) Enter Amazon.

I recently received some inside info at Amazon that there's a pair of '90s-inspired rectangle sunglasses that are their top-trending item on TikTok, and they have a price tag of a mere $11 (or $15 if you buy a pack of two pairs). And as you'll see above and in the video below of NYC-based influencer Cheralee Lyle, the sunglasses are both expensive-looking and flattering. 

The frames are currently the #1 best seller in women's sunglasses on Amazon, and they have over 2.5k reviews contributing to their almost 5-star rating. I am fully convinced, how 'bout you? If the answer is yes, scroll on to shop the #1 sunglasses along with other top styles that I think are equally good.

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