A Swimwear Photographer on the Most Flattering Suit (From Every Angle)

Searching for that perfectly flattering swimsuit is always difficult, no matter how many articles we read, friend's opinions we get, or hours we spend staring at ourselves in the dressing room. Just as it is with anything else, sometimes all you need is a different perspective, and today, we are turning to a swimwear photographer to find exactly that. As someone who's day-to-day job is spent behind the lens of a camera shooting swimwear, we thought it would be beneficial to pick the brain of Brooke Dombroski, a professional photographer who lives in the land of bikinis (also known as Hawaii). 

Take one glance at her eye-catching Instagram account, and you'll quickly see that Brooke is around swimsuits all day long, shooting campaign imagery for brands like Issa De' Mar and Reef, along with being a Reef adventure seeker. Not only did she provide us with the one suit style she thinks is most flattering across the board, but she also broke down which angles it's the most flattering from and why.

Keep reading to find out what this miracle-working swimsuit style is and click through for the best options (plus sizes included)!