6 Things a Major Celebrity Stylist Is Retiring This Year

Celebrity stylist Monica Rose has worked with the likes of Chrissy Teigen, Kaia Gerber, Miranda Kerr, and many, many more. She's the woman behind your favorite athleisure looks spotted on Kendall and Gigi and is a savant when it comes to marrying high-end fashion with accessible everyday style. Rose is sought after for her opinion on what the latest trends will be season after season, which is why we're thrilled she gave us the inside scoop on what she'll be retiring this year and what she'll be replacing it with. Scroll down for her favorite 2019 trends and then shop her picks to wear them before everyone—inevitably—does.

As we closed our wardrobe doors for 2018, it’s always a period of reflection for many of us as to what we want our 2019 to look like (both aesthetically and intangible), and here I am sharing some of the wardrobe swaps I’m making for the new year!

What to Retire: Thigh Boots
Replacement: Slouchy Boots

For 2019 I’m swapping out my tight sleek thigh boots for slouchy boots. We saw a lot of this style on the runways, and I have a feeling that won’t be the last we will be seeing of them!

Isabel Marant Slouchy Boots


Courtesy of Isabel Marant

What to Retire: Lace
Replacement: Fishnet

Fishnet is going to be big this season! An easy swap is to find all your lace pieces and swap out with fishnet. It’s all about layering and monochrome looks for me.

Dior Louis Vuitton Fishnet


Courtesy of Louis Vuitton (left) and Christian Dior (right)

What to Retire: All Black
Replacement: Earth Tones

We all fall victim to the color black—it’s an easy go-to every morning—but this year I’m vowing to mix it up! I’m going to try more earth tones in my looks.

What to Retire: Hoop Earrings
Replacement: Bold Earrings

I love a good accessory, mostly in the form of strong earrings. My go-tos have always been strong gold hoops, but for something different to complement the outfit, I’m going to lean toward a bolder earring piece this year. It really gives the whole outfit a new feel.

Alexander Wang and Versace Runway Earrings


Courtesy of Versace (left) and Alexander Wang (right)

What to Retire: Your Go-To Color
Replacement: Yellow

This year is the golden year, by which I mean your wardrobe! Find a consistent color in your wardrobe, whether it be red or green, and swap it out for yellow. I know it looks a little frightening, but you will be very surprised how this hue actually is very complementary to many of us!

Brandon Maxwell Yellow Runway


Courtesy of Brandon Maxwell (left) and Balenciaga (right)

What to Retire: Oversize Tee
Replacement: Rugby Top

Another cool swap you can make in your wardrobe is adding a classic polo rugby top instead of an oversize tee. You can literally find these rugby tops anywhere, from actual sporting teams to Ralph Lauren. I’m very happy about this comeback!

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