The Reinvention of Mischa Barton Starts With This Chic Outfit

News that former The O.C. star Mischa Barton would be joining the reboot of The Hills broke yesterday, and the internet collectively freaked out. In perhaps a savvy PR move (or just a handy coincidence), Barton dined at Craig's last night, arguably the most paparazzi-laden restaurant in Los Angeles.

Reportedly, the reason Barton is joining The Hills is to document her comeback, according to Us Weekly. Well, said comeback seems to be off to a good start, at least as far as her wardrobe is concerned. When we typically think of Barton, the popular early-aughts high schooler that she portrayed in The O.C. comes to mind, but she seems to be out to change that perception, as her outfit for her dinner outing last night was more sophisticated and polished. Barton paired a striped tee with a black coat, black trousers, and simple black pumps, topping off the understated look with a mini Saint Laurent bag. If this is any indication of how she'll dress in The Hills, we're looking forward to the reboot even more than we already were, just to see how her style evolves.

See the new Mischa Barton below and shop pieces that we think would complement the new reality star's look.

Mischa Barton in 2018



On Mischa Barton: Saint Laurent bag

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