My Style Is Pared Down, and This Is What's in My Shopping Cart for Fall

It's always difficult when people ask you to describe your personal style. No one likes to be put in a box, nor do they care to be beholden to a specific type of look in the event they decide to shake things up a bit somewhere down the road (and don't we all?). However, whether we like it or not, our own current aesthetics can likely still be encapsulated by a few words of the English language. Mine? Minimalist. But also not thoroughly minimalist, because I still love a good statement jewelry piece, flashy shoes, or even a Technicolor coat from time to time, should the occasion call for it. For the majority of the time, though, I enjoy a wardrobe full of versatile separates and accessories that can be mixed and matched thanks to their pared-down, subtle qualities. A sleek coat, tailored trousers, timeless knits, artful earrings—you get the idea. If any of this resonates with you, then today's shopping roundup is going to be of interest. Below, shop 22 pieces that will round out any pared-down, clean minimalistic wardrobe this autumn.