These 15 Minimalist-Heel Outfits Are So Cool

We may be biased, but as much as we love wearing our favorite standout dresses, tops, or bottoms, an outfit really comes down to the little things—and to us, that means shoes. That being said, our bold, statement-making heels don’t always go with what we want to wear, especially when it’s our clothes that we want to shine. In that case, we turn to our simplest of heels. Timeless and understated, minimalist heels have a way of elevating our outfits without them feeling too intentional.

Whether it’s a pair of classic pumps or some undeniably pretty strappy sandals, a pair of minimalist heels will always be in style, no matter what you plan to wear with them. To show you what we mean, we rounded up the coolest looks from our favorite It girls who style them with anything and everything. Scroll down to see the looks for yourself; there isn’t an outfit that these heels don’t go with.

A simple button-down skirt and top are elevated with a pair of simple mules.

Simple sandals will elevate a casual outfit of jeans and a printed blazer.

Simple heels will pull together your look for the season.

Finish off a beige monochrome outfit with a pair of sandals featuring PVC details.

A pair of ankle-strap heels will dress up any ensemble.

You can't go wrong with pointy-toe heels and a blazer.

These will go with anything you wear.

PVC sandals will be the perfect option when you can't find any other shoes to wear.

Take your biker shorts to the next level with a pair of strappy sandals.

A closer look at the heel proves these are cool.

PVC sandals will give your outfit a cool, understated vibe.

These low-heel sandals are everything.

Minimalist heels are the perfect way to complement a more graphic dress.

You'll get so many compliments on these.

Beige heels will dress up your outfit without taking away from the main pieces.

Complement your fall ensemble with a pair of coordinated sandals.

We see these with anything from a skirt to a pair of jeans.

A black-and-white polka-dot dress will look more playful with a pair of pink sandals.

If you want your fall sweater outfit to feel fresh, wear a pair of strappy sandals with it.

Minimalist sandals are the perfect way to let your jumpsuit be the hero of your outfit.

See? Minimalist heels just can't look bad.

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