Man Repeller Hosted a Dinner With Milly, and It Was Obviously a Total Delight


Alexandra Arnold for Man Repeller

The fashion crowd admittedly gets the occasional bad rap, but IRL, the industry's genuine cool kids aren't pushing anyone into lockers or making them do their homework. Bona fide cool kids are all about going out of their way to connect with good people so they can get together and geek out over sparkly skirts or Stranger Things, or whatever else their hearts align on. Shout out to our friends at Milly and Man Repeller, who hosted a Make New Friends dinner in a legit floral wonderland, aka Milly's super-cool SoHo store at 158 Mercer, to celebrate the designer's fall collection.

The evening rounded up a bunch of fantastic women, surrounding them with gorgeous clothes and plying them with flowers, food, and wine in the spirit of overcoming the increasingly-difficult-as-you-get-older task of hanging out with new people. (As Man Repeller's Harling Ross puts it, "In the 'adult world,' you don't have many opportunities to walk up to someone at the playground and ask if they want to push your swing.") Attendees showed up in super-mediocre outfits barely worth mentioning—KIDDING! Predictably, all our new style crushes arrived in covetable looks with loads of Milly's fall collection in the mix, and we had to share all the delicious sartorial goodness with you immediately.

Catch a glimpse of the Milly x Man Repeller Make New Friends dinner party below, and shop all our favorite Milly statement pieces worn on the night.

BRB, we're checking out all of Michelle Smith's must-have Milly pieces—she's done us a favor and helpfully curated her fall favorites here.