Trust Me—These Mid-Length Styles Look Incredible With Thick Hair

In my humble opinion, mid-length hair is the most versatile hair length. You can do absolutely any style with no strands left behind, unless, of course, you are leaving out tendrils on purpose. I also happen to think that thick hair is the most versatile texture, but this is without a doubt because I have naturally super-thick hair. So the combo of both is kind of spectacular in my eyes. Don't get me wrong—I have spent years cursing the fact that my hair has broken multiple stylists' combs and takes a long time to straighten, but now, I know it also means that there aren't many problems with any style I attempt.

I do find that I get stuck in a real rut when thinking of styles, though. On lazy weeks, I just rotate two: down and un-styled or tied back in a tight, low bun when it's due a wash. That's it. I reserve trying a new 'do for evening plans every so often. But how boring is that when there are hundreds of styles at my disposal with this hair length and texture? So after scouring the internet, I've found a plethora of styles that look excellent with medium-length thick hair, so I have no excuses to not switch things up every now and again, and now, neither do you.

1. The Scarf Bundle


(Image credit: @emmanuellek)

Tie a slim scarf around your curls for a relaxed easy-to-do style. Make sure you pull a few tendrils out around your hairline to give a laid-back feel.

2. The Highest Pony


(Image credit: @annarvitiello)

This look requires a lot of brush power and a lot of pomade. Wrap the lengths around a tong for a soft curl in your ponytail.

3. Clawed Up


(Image credit: @annasarlvit)

During this super-hot summer that we're having, the last thing I want is my hair anywhere near my neck when I'm running errands, so this sleek but casual updo is perfect.

4. Playful Pigtails


(Image credit: @annejohannsen)

A moisturising styling cream is the backbone of this pigtail look. Smooth some through before plaiting to give the style hold and shine.

5. Sleek and Curled


(Image credit: @xbibigul)

A thick, blunt cut that's looking a little frizzed at the ends is salvageable when you concentrate on sleekness. Keep the lengths and ends conditioned and protected, and use a smoothing brush to curl the ends.

6. Gently Pulled Back


(Image credit: @caitlinmiyako)

A kind of a half-up, half-down style but also kind of just casually scraped back. The key to this look is not overthinking it. 

7. Bombshell Blow-Out


(Image credit: @cassdimicco)

Go all out with your round brush and hairdryer or The Dyson Airwrap, and embrace your volume. Spritz in a holding spray pre-styling to stop the drop.

8. Sleek and Shiny Bun


(Image credit: @chrissyford)

This is without a doubt the best way to stay cool and prolong wash day, too. If you have coily hair, a waxier textured pomade will give the hairline hold to keep flyaways at bay.

9. Bantu Knots


(Image credit: @claire_most)

A classic way to keep your thick coils out of your face and off our your neck. Plus, you benefit from super-defined coils when you unravel.

10. Low-Slung Bun


(Image credit: @deborabrosa)

This chignon is the easiest style to make it look like you spent hours on it when, in reality, you spent a couple of minutes max.

11. Y2K Tendrils


(Image credit: @champagnemani)

The Y2K trend will not quit, and we are still living for the beauty trends. Liven up your ponytail with the tendrils trend.

12. Au Natural


(Image credit: @karolinebeltner)

For straight and lightly wavy hair, air-drying it can leave it looking more voluminous than blow-drying.

13. Curl Power


(Image credit: @kimseidensticker)

Drying curl gel into wet hair will give gorgeous, fluffy and defined curls.

14. Barrel Waves


(Image credit: @_kirp_)

S- or Z-bend waves are a night-out vibe. 

15. Bring the Bounce


(Image credit: @kitkeenan)

How glossy and chic is the curly blow-dry? Lots of conditioner and patience will have you on your way to this healthy look.

16. Layered Under


(Image credit: @sabinasocol)

Layers add even more volume to straight, thick hair. Curling them under gives fun texture.

17. Straight and Sleek


(Image credit: @misstpw)

Sleek and straight is the simplest option but one that suits all. A baby fringe elevates the look to French-girl chic.

18. Swept Up


(Image credit: @chloehelenmiles)

How effortless does Chloe makes this chic yet casual updo look?

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