I Just Tested the New Dyson Airwrap–Is It Worth $600?

Since launching in 2018, the Dyson AirWrap has sent the beauty world into a spin. Thanks to the likes of TikTok and influencers using the hairstyling tool to create sought-after '90s blowouts, waves, and sleek styles, its popularity has sky-rocketed and, as a result, it's often sold out across multiple retailers. And any new stock that does come in doesn't stay around for very long, which only adds to its desirability.

So what makes the Dyson AirWrap so special? It's the only hair tool that harnesses what Dyson calls "the Coanda effect." This means that the hairstyling tool creates a spinning vortex of air, which draws the hair in and around the barrel. This is what is responsible for creating those bouncy curls you're seeing on your feed. It also uses less heat than most hair styling tools.

But with the new model coming in at $600, you might be wondering if the Dyson AirWrap is worth the money. It's certainly an investment, and at Who What Wear, we're of the belief that you shouldn't have to fork out a fortune on any beauty gadget, and we'll always tell you if it's really worth the cost. But, if you are looking to invest, you can read on for our honest review of the new Dyson AirWrap, including the key differences between the new and original models, details on the new attachments, and before-and-afters. 

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Dyson AirWrap Review: What's New?


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Between the original Dyson AirWrap (read our full review of the original Dyson AirWrap model here) and the newest version, there are a couple of key differences. Firstly, the new Dyson AirWrap comes with new and improved attachments. Along with the main handle base, it includes two curling barrels. One small, narrower one for creating tight curls and a medium-sized barrel for looser waves. The older model required you to swap the barrels when you wanted to change the curl direction from clockwise to anti-clockwise.

On the new model, all you have to do is flick a switch at the top of the barrel to change the airflow direction, making it faster and more convenient to switch up your curls. There are two smooth drying brushes, one with firm bristles for smoothing the hair, and the other with softer bristles that are gentler on the scalp. A round blow-dry brush is also included, as well as the smoothing rounded Coanda smoothing tool, which doubles as a hairdryer and a smoothing attachment to smooth flyaways once you've styled your hair (the previous model just had a hairdryer attachment). These all come in a navy storage box that neatly houses the base and attachments, and the lid doubles as a mat to place your AirWrap onto while styling. 


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If you have already invested in the original Dyson AirWrap, don't panic—you can still use the new attachments on this version, so you don't have to buy an entire new AirWrap to use these. The new attachments will be available to purchase separately soon, so you might want to wait it out for these to come into stock if you're looking to upgrade your current model. Another key difference of the AirWrap is better airflow through the styler. In reality, this means it gives you better control as you style your hair, making it quicker and easier.

The new Dyson AirWrap also comes in a Complete Set, which has standard-sized attachments that are best if your hair is chest length or shorter, and Complete Long, which has slightly longer attachments for hair that is chest length or longer, so you can wrap more of the length of your hair around the barrel.

How to use the Dyson AirWrap


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Using the Dyson AirWrap with the large barrel attachment.

The AirWrap uses airflow to wrap the hair around the curling barrels. This can be tricky to get the hang of at first, so it is definitely worth practicing. In Dyson's demo store in London, you can book in for a blow-dry with a Dyson hairstylist for $43, who will show you how to get the best results as you have your hair done with the styler. It's also a great way to test out the Dyson if you're not sure whether to invest yet. When I visited the store, my hairstylist recommended sectioning your hair before "pinching" a section of hair halfway through the lengths. This helps the AirWrap pull the ends of your hair in as it wraps around the barrel. The base of the styler has a switch for three temperature settings (cold, medium, and high) as well as three-speed variations. 

One of the qualms that Dyson AirWrap users have experienced is that their curls won't hold. The key is to use the Dyson on hair that's freshly washed and bout 90% dry. Alternatively, spraying a heat protector into the hair will help provide moisture. Another tip to boost your style's longevity is to use the curling barrel with heat, running the hair up and down the barrel, before rolling the curl all the way up to the top and holding it in place for 10 seconds. Then, you'll want to switch to the cold shot setting for another 10 seconds before cutting the power off. This sets the curl in shape and ensures the style will last for longer. The cool shot can be activated via the temperature control, or by holding the central power button upwards, which makes this really easy.

Once I got the hang of the technique, curling my hair was a breeze. I have long, thick hair that doesn't tend to hold a blow-dry or curl in, but I found that locking the curls in with the cold shot made a real difference, leaving me with shiny, bouncy waves. It took me about 30 minutes to style my hair in total.

Dyson Airwrap Before and After


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Hair before the styling with the Dyson AirWrap.


(Image credit: @eleanorvousden)

The finished look after using the larger curling barrel on the Dyson AirWrap.

I chose the larger of the two styling barrels, which gave me larger curls which dropped very into the loose curls that I was after. If you want tighter curls, I would definitely recommend using the smaller barrel for this. I was excited about the smoothing attachment, which is designed to tuck any flyaways underneath your hair for a smoother finish.

While I do think it smoothed my hair, I found that using this did disrupt the curls that I had created, so I would definitely save this for when I'm opting for straighter or smooth and sleek styles. That aside, I was so impressed with how my hair turned out. It felt like I'd walked out of the salon with a bouncy blowout, and it added a noticeable shine to my hair. The curls dropped very slightly afterward but retained their shape and bounce. Even after sleeping with my hair in a bun, it still retained much of the curls the following day—I just topped up a few sections at the front before heading out to work. I also love the round brush attachment for creating those '90s-inspired flicks, and the two styling brushes make smoothing hair a breeze.

Is The New Dyson AirWrap Worth It?

As much as the price tag makes me wince, I do think the Dyson AirWrap is worth it. In comparison to my trusted $43 hair wand, which I return to time and time again, I think it might just take the top spot in my hairstyling tool kit. Not only is the AirWrap easy and enjoyable to use, but I also like that it uses less heat than standard curling wands or stylers, so hair breakage and split ends are less of a concern (that being said, I'd always wear a heat protector before using any kind of heat on the hair). The attachments are easy to change and I love that you can create a variety of looks with the different attachments. I did notice my hair had a great shine after using the smoothing attachment, and I also love that this doubles as a targeted hairdryer with just a flick of a switch. 

If you're looking to invest, I would say that the AirWrap is worth it, especially if you're someone who books in for regular blow-dries in a salon. However, if you already own the original Dyson AirWrap, I wouldn't insist that you need to buy the entire new set. You might save some time by not having to change the curling barrels, but results-wise, the effect is very similar. Dyson will be bringing out the attachments to purchase separately, so it's worth waiting for this to become available if you want to upgrade your current AirWrap.

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