These Brands Make the Best Activewear for Expectant Mothers

Activewear has earned a top spot in a fashion girl’s wardrobe, surpassing its use simply for trips to the gym. Instead, so many women are paying close attention to how they style themselves for—yes, a sweat sesh—but also for everything else their day has in store. The perfect pair of leggings now has to do double duty as workout gear and chic athleisure. But if you’re accommodating a growing belly, there’s a good chance you’ll outgrow your regular leggings, sports bras, and other activewear pieces.

It’s true that many women find they can get away with using the pieces they already own during the first few months, but many start to prefer certain cuts like low-rise over high-rise leggings and tanks with more flowing silhouettes during the latter months.

To get an idea of how women think about activewear during their pregnancy, we asked L.A.-based blogger and soon-to-be mom Geri Hirsch to weigh in on the pieces that she swears by and how her approach to dressing for a workout has shifted. Scroll down to read what she has to say and keep reading to shop the best activewear brands for soon-to-be moms.

WHO WHAT WEAR: Which are your favorite brands when it comes to workout clothes?

GERI HIRSCH: JoyLab (I go a size up) and Koral, which recently launched maternity.

WWW: Is there a notable difference between activewear for yoga, running, or other activities that pregnant women should be aware of when shopping?

GH: I don't think it's activity-specific, but some pants sit really high (above your belly) and others sit really low (below the belly). It's a personal preference, but for me, I liked the pants to sit over my belly until about 22 weeks for support. After that, I preferred below my belly—everything just started feeling too tight and uncomfortable.

WWW: How has your approach to shopping for workout clothes changed?

GH: I either buy a size up in less expensive non-maternity brands or I've invested in a couple maternity-specific pieces that I knew I'd get a lot of wear out of (think: pants, a bigger sports bra—the struggle is real!—and more supportive shoes).

WWW: How has your general workout routine shifted?

GH: I work out about three to four times a week, and my approach is all about the health and wellness of the baby. I'm not doing the crazy workouts I normally do (albeit, I'm really looking forward to getting back to those). Instead, I do mindful exercises that limit risk of injury but benefit delivery and our overall health. This includes things like pre-natal yoga, tons of squats, light weights and cardio (walking, hiking, and swimming).

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