Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Stylish Guide to Turning 30

It’s safe to say most of us have wanted to look and dress like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at some point in time—many of us since their Full House days, and others since Passport to Paris and New York Minute. We’ve gone to great lengths over the years to mimic their style, decking ourselves out in oversize shades, baggy sweaters, cutting-edge denim, and Birkenstocks aplenty (the list goes on). That’s why today, in honor of their big 3-0, we’re focusing on the Olsen-beloved essentials that every fashion girl should own in her 30s. After all, post-20s, you likely have a stronger sense of your personal style and are further established in your role in the working world, and you need a well-curated wardrobe to match. (Plus, you’ve already made enough impulse purchases by this point to know which pieces you’ll likely get most use out of and which ones you’ll end up tossing.)

From your classic black blazer and trousers to fine jewelry and a classic timepiece, ahead, see which items our favorite twins wear on the regular that we deem necessary for every 30-something’s closet.