Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Stylish Guide to Turning 30

It’s safe to say most of us have wanted to look and dress like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at some point in time—many of us since their Full House days, and others since Passport to Paris and New York Minute. We’ve gone to great lengths over the years to mimic their style, decking ourselves out in oversize shades, baggy sweaters, cutting-edge denim, and Birkenstocks aplenty (the list goes on). That’s why today, in honor of their big 3-0, we’re focusing on the Olsen-beloved essentials that every fashion girl should own in her 30s. After all, post-20s, you likely have a stronger sense of your personal style and are further established in your role in the working world, and you need a well-curated wardrobe to match. (Plus, you’ve already made enough impulse purchases by this point to know which pieces you’ll likely get most use out of and which ones you’ll end up tossing.)

From your classic black blazer and trousers to fine jewelry and a classic timepiece, ahead, see which items our favorite twins wear on the regular that we deem necessary for every 30-something’s closet.

Timeless Shades


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While it’s fun to hit up cheap boutiques or street vendors to score chic shades under $20, it’s even more exciting to invest in a pair of high-quality frames. They may be on the pricier side, but they will last longer and protect your eyes more effectively than their thrifty counterparts. (We know, in the fashion world, it’s easy to forget the real reason sunglasses exist!) Best of all, if you treat them well, they can remain in your collection for years to come.

A Fitted Black Blazer



By the time you turn 30, you’ve likely already secured a position in your field of interest or are in the process of jump-starting your career. Maybe you’re interview-hopping, or perhaps you have a business of your own. Whatever the case may be, a chic, fitted black blazer is crucial for the working world, as it radiates sophistication and shows that you’re serious.

Tailored Trousers


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Like your blazer, black trousers are essential for a professional environment. You may not work in an office that requires conservative dressing on the daily, but these will certainly become your go-to for business meetings or work events.

Quality Jewelry


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Whether it be a bracelet, ring, or necklace, it’s time to start investing in the pieces you’ll never want to leave the house without. You’ve probably spent your teens and your 20s purchasing statement jewelry you end up wearing just a few times before they go out of style or begin to tarnish. But at 30, with a stronger sense of personal taste (and perhaps a larger paycheck), you can begin to weed out the unnecessary pieces and start building your forever collection.

A Classic Watch


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In this day in age, a watch is not necessarily the first thing we turn to for telling time. This is the digital era after all, where we can easily learn the hour by simply checking our phones—yet there’s something timeless about a really nice watch. A stylish timepiece can easily amp up the chic factor of almost any ensemble, and it will naturally give off a more professional vibe.

A Big-Girl Bag


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Don’t get us wrong, we love a statement crossbody, a cool shopper, or a cutting-edge backpack, but by 30, it’s time to start considering a carryall with a more grown-up vibe. As you spend more of your time at work, you’ll want to factor in practicality by finding a quality bag you can fill with personal belongings and office essentials.

A Luxe Travel Scarf


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Scarves make for a chic and on-trend addition to your overall look, and just like sunglasses, they’re easy to find at an affordable price point at your favorite fast-fashion retailers. But by 30, with more errands on your plate and more trips on your agenda, we consider it an appropriate time to fancy up your collection with a scarf composed of luxurious fabric. You’ll want something that’s versatile, that can be paired with anything, and that you can take anywhere.

An Evening Dress


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By 30, you'll undoubtedly notice your calendar filling up with grown-up gatherings like engagement celebrations, weddings, and fancy dinner parties. The bar and club scenes may not be completely out of your life, but you’ll want to incorporate some tasteful eveningwear into your closet and ditch the ultra-short dresses and skirts you wore more frequently in your 20s.

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