Mary-Kate Olsen Wore a Flat-Shoe Trend, Color Trend, and Bag Trend All at Once

When you're an aging Millennial like me, there's really nothing better than an Olsen sighting. But we don't get many of them, and the photos we do get don't usually show their entire outfits. That's not the case this time. Mary-Kate Olsen was photographed walking down the street in New York City last week wearing a casual outfit that contained a handful of current popular trends.

One of those trends is the color trend. While Olsen typically wears dark colors, she topped her baggy ripped jeans and gauzy scarf with a bright red trench coat. There's no hotter color trend in 2023 than red, and seeing Olsen embrace it is more proof of its popularity. The second trend Olsen wore pertained to her bag. This year, we've done lots of reporting about how oversize bags are eclipsing mini bags, and Olsen would likely be the first to agree. She carried a tote from The Row that was big enough to serve as an airplane carry-on. The final trend Olsen wore was more unexpected: metallic gold loafers. Metallic shoes are undoubtedly one of the most fun trends of the season, and their popularity shows no signs of waning. 

If you're easily influenced by Olsen, keep scrolling to shop the three trends she's endorsing.


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On Mary-Kate Olsen: The Row bag and shoes

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