Top Makeup Artists Say These 12 Trends Will Dominate in 2024

We're already two months into 2024, and I'm already looking forward to what the next 12 months will have in store in terms of trends. As a beauty editor, I've been reflecting on the skin, hair, makeup and nails trends that we saw last year, and wondering what will come next. The past 12 months have seen several trends come and go, all thanks to the power of TikTok and Gen Z's influence. Take summer's "strawberry girl" makeup, which saw dewy, light berry tones on lips and cheeks. Or underpainting—the technique of applying your concealer and contour first and your foundation on top for a seamless result. And then there were the several beauty aesthetics and makeup microtrends like latte makeup and cherry cola lips that seemed to crop up almost weekly. If there's one thing for certain, makeup trends are popping up faster than ever before, with no sign of stopping as we head into 2024.


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Curious to know what makeup trends will shape 2024, I asked expert makeup artists to share the looks and innovations that they believe will set the agenda—and no doubt TikTok—on fire this year.

1. Makeup-Matching AI


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As artificial intelligence gains momentum, we're seeing benefits in technology when it comes to makeup personalisation. From precisely matching foundation shades to trying on makeup virtually, in 2024 we can expect AI to pioneer the way we buy makeup. "AI-driven, personalised makeup is a trend I can definitely see being impactful in 2024," says Aarti Pal, makeup artist and DEI committee member of the British Beauty Council. "AI is changing the game, with brands like Dcypher who are at the forefront, helping consumers find their perfect shade effortlessly, saving them money and avoiding colour-matching mistakes. This will be particularly excellent for skin tones that are under-represented," she says.

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2. Hybrid Concealer


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As the demand for pared-back foundations and skin tints increases, we can expect to see more skincare-makeup hybrids that conceal and treat the skin simultaneously. "The emergence of a 2-in-1 concealer, offering full coverage precisely where needed, stands out as a transformative trend," says Pal. "This technique not only effectively conceals blemishes, dark circles and uneven skin tone, but also achieves a second-skin effect with makeup that is virtually undetectable."

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3. Blurred Lips


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Blurry lips are set to have a moment in 2024, says Chanel makeup artist and Hunger fashion and beauty director Marco Antonio"When thinking about blurred lips, almost think of a soft-focus picture," he says. "This makeup technique creates a gradient effect on the lips, with colour fading from a darker shade in the centre to softer and more diffused edges." The best way to achieve the look? "Apply the lipstick to the centre of the lips, avoiding the outer edges. You can use a soft brush but I prefer to diffuse it with my fingers," says Antonio. "Then, soften the edges with a cotton bud or a clean brush, making the transition from the lipstick to your skin seamless."

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4. C-Sculpt Blush


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You've no doubt seen blusher placement rising from the cheeks to the cheekbones all over your TikTok FYP, and the technique isn't going anywhere in 2024. "High blush is essentially contouring with blush versus bronzer; the pigment lifts the face, giving the look of high cheekbones," says Antonio. "To achieve the look, you apply blush in a 'C' shape, starting from the temple area and down towards the cheekbones, then up and slightly over the outer edges of your brows to create this dramatic look. I normally create this look with one of my favourite Chanel palettes: Le 4 Rouges Yeux Et Jones Exclusive Creation in 957 Tendressse" (£70).

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5. Glossy Lips


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Lip gloss is back in a big way. From tinted glosses that nurture lips to multi-dimensional finishes, glossy lips will be a big makeup trend in 2024. "Lips will take centre stage, with light-reflecting colours as demonstrated by products such as Pat McGrath's LiquiLUST and Laura Mercier's High Vibe Lip Colour, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your makeup look," says Pal.

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6. Statement Colour


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"As we could see during S/S 24 fashion week, both eyes and lips were painted in bold colours," says Chanel makeup artist Ninni Nummela. "Solid, block eyeliners in red, indigo blue and emerald green are super complementary and add intensity," she says. "This is more of a one-element look, so choose to enhance your eyes or lips and leave the rest of the look fresh-faced with a soft sweep of blush. If you choose to go for a lip, go bold with perfected vinyl lips in bright red or dark wine colours."

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7. Eye Shadow Revival


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"I can see the evolution of bold eye makeup for 2024," predicts Pal. "From daring graphics to vibrant liners and even rhinestones for special occasions, eyes may become the most versatile, standout accessory, allowing an exciting expression of individuality," she says. 

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8. Balletcore Makeup


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The older, chicer sister to the "clean girl" of the early 2020s, balletcore makeup is minimal and subtle, with satin-finish skin that glows like a ballet slipper. "I interpret it as a highly polished, ultra-chic yet extremely natural look," says Chanel makeup artist Kay Montano. "It’s more about hair being pulled back and very tidy and a fresh face where makeup is minimal and very singular. Skincare-meets-cosmetic products work well here—think sheer, polished skin, using products with subtle luminosity, then all you need is mascara on your top lashes and lots of brow gel to sweep eyebrows up. Finish the look with N°1 De Chanel Lip & Cheek Balm in Lively Rosewood (£38), with perhaps gloss on the mouth, finished off with a powdered T-zone."

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9. Gen Z Post-Perfectionism


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With Gen Z's collective spending power predicted to be in the trillions, Montano predicts we'll see even more influence in the makeup space. "There’s a 'post-perfection' movement with Gen Z and a coolness attached to the idea of frugality. The avatar-assisted shopping that’s revolutionising beauty retail and marketing is also bound to influence beauty and makeup trends," she says. "Like millennials, they will continue to challenge unrealistic beauty standards and are embracing a raunchier, sex-positive outlook, with more hedonistic, gritty aesthetics," she adds, noting hashtags such as #NightLuxe, which showcases late-night party makeup looks. "It's a freer, more expressive attitude towards makeup; messier and more imperfect. [It's about] using makeup more emotionally, choosing self-expression over prescriptive ideals, so looks [will follow these] trends," says Montano.

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10. Pared-Back Skin


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"Skin will be a huge focus for 2024, especially healthy-looking skin," says Nummela. "This trend is moving away from heavy cover-up and instead focuses on making skin look as radiant and perfect as possible using minimal makeup. A consistent skincare routine is key, paired with a luminous foundation and a creamy, light-catching highlighter."

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11. Ombré Lips


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"'90s ombré lips have been around for quite some time and are here to stay," says Antonio. "With the help of lip pencils, this look can help define and emphasise the natural shape of the lips, making them appear fuller and well-defined as well as giving longevity and versatility if you're adding lipstick," he says. Antonio has some key steps to ensure this look is flawless. "Start by preparing and moisturising your lips, make sure the lip pencil is freshly sharpened and begin carefully outlining along the natural lip line," he says. "I normally start at the cupid’s bow and work my way to the corners of the mouth using short and precise strokes for a clean line. And if you frequently change your lipstick shades, opt for a clear or neutral lip liner."

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12. '90s Monochrome


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Our infatuation with '90s minimalism is continuing to extend to our makeup bags, and like the latte makeup trend, we can expect to see more neutral tones appearing in makeup. "The '90s monochromatic colour palette of neutral, latte shades are here to stay," says Nummela. "Think eyes enhanced in matte taupe and earthy hues paired with creamy brown and reddish-ochre lips," she says. "This look is perfect for every day and can be easily elevated with deeper, darker tones of Bordeaux for the evening. The new lipstick by Chanel—31 Le Rouge (£140)—is the ultimate texture and comes in a beautiful range of colours perfect for this trend."

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