This Dior Makeup Clutch Has Gone Viral on TikTok—Here's Why I Really Rate It

Every year I wait with anticipation to see what the best Christmas beauty gift sets will be, and every year I'm even more impressed than the last. However, this year, one brand in particular has completely knocked it out of the park. It's none other than Dior. As a beauty editor, I've been lucky enough to try out lots of Dior makeup and skincare products over the years, but the brand's latest Christmas offering is the gift of all gifts. If you've been on TikTok lately, then you might already know what I'm talking about, but if not, then say hello to the Dior Makeup Clutch.

This clutch has gone viral on the social media app, and for good reason. Not only does it include lots of Dior beauty goodies, but the bag itself comes with a detachable chain, so once you've used the products inside, you can take the clutch to all of your festive parties and family gatherings. The chic gold accessory really is perfect for this time of year, and is a far more affordable way of getting your hands on a Dior bag. Want to know more about this year's most in-demand beauty gift? Keep scrolling. 


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What's Included in the Dior Makeup Clutch?

So, what do you get in Dior's luxe makeup clutch? Housed inside is a Rouge Dior lipstick in the most stunning red shade, alongside three refill shades including the perfect everyday pink. The clutch also includes a large mirror which is ideal for makeup top-ups throughout the night. The best bit about this gift set though is that all of the lipsticks can be removed so that you can use the bag for whatever you like. Mine fits my iPhone 11, my debit card, my house keys and my Dior lipstick (of course), making it perfect for nights out. The detachable chain allows you to wear it as a shoulder bag too, and trust me when I say that it will elevate any occasion outfit.


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How Much Is the Dior Makeup Clutch?

This gift set is definitely not cheap, retailing at £270. However, when you compare it to the price of a designer bag, then it's an incredibly good deal. Housed in the most gorgeous Dior gift box, I know that it's something I'll keep forever and use time and again, making it a worthwhile investment for a beauty lover like myself. You can also have the clutch engraved for free if you want to make it even more special. So if you're looking to treat yourself or someone else, I couldn't recommend it enough. 


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Is the Dior Makeup Clutch Worth It?

If you're feeling like really treating someone (or yourself) this Christmas, then the Dior Makeup Clutch is worth it. I don't know a luxury fashion or beauty lover who wouldn't want this, and it's the sort of very special gift that they'll keep and treasure for years to come. It's worth noting that this is a limited-edition buy, so I recommend snapping it up before it's gone.

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