Hailey Baldwin's Stylist Says This Is the Key to Holiday Party Dressing


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The holidays are here, and chances are that you have a calendar stacked with occasions to dress for. Holiday parties are popping up left and right, and even the savviest fashion girl can become stumped when it comes to deciding what to wear for every event. So when we sat down with celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly earlier this month at the Teva Holiday Event at the L.A. stop of Katy Perry's Witness: The Tour, we asked her to dish on her holiday party styling tips.

"I think it's always about layers no matter what part of the country you live in," explains Reilly. "You want to be comfortable and represent you and feel confident in what you're wearing." Reilly—who works with Halsey, Bebe Rexha, and Tinashe to name a few—says the key to her success has always been dressing her clients specifically to them. It's all about tapping into what makes you feel comfortable and true to you. "I always say dress for your body type and dress for what works for you as a woman, and that's where the confidence is going to come from," she advises. "That's the most important thing to me."

Reilly confesses that even Hailey Baldwin, one of her clients, won't sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion (although it's entirely possible to have both). "Comfort is key, and it's just about finding cool pieces that look elevated," Reilly notes. Holiday parties are a time to shine, but it's in this authenticity that you make a statement. Especially when you're around your loved ones, longtime friends, or possibly looking for a future S.O., "you want to be confident and comfortable," says Reilly.

When we asked Reilly if there was one piece or styling that's flattering for everyone, she replied that she doesn't think there is. Recalling how she styles each client in a way that celebrates their individuality, she explains that they're all so different and they all have different body types. "I think that you have to accentuate what works for your body—whether that's a low-waisted jean, a high-waisted jean—whatever it is, it's really individual. Figure out what works for you."

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