The 11 Masterminds Behind Your Favorite Celebrity Style

Behind (almost) every well-dressed celebrity is a top celebrity fashion stylist crafting her look. Introducing the world to up-and-coming designers, novel stylings, and genius reimaginings of wardrobe staples, stylists are the masterminds driving so many of the fashion trends we see today. Even models have their covetable off-duty style curated by the top celebrity fashion stylists in the industry. The street style looks we pin and pine over weren't just simply thrown on, but carefully calculated by someone whose job is to make celebrities look impeccable and garner attention with fashion-forward looks that get the world talking. We've rounded up the top 11 creatives behind some of our favorite celebrity style so you can study up on the names to know in the industry today.

Head below to see the 11 top celebrity stylists defining fashion trends right now.

Opening Image: Getty Images