The 11 Masterminds Behind Your Favorite Celebrity Style

Behind (almost) every well-dressed celebrity is a top celebrity fashion stylist crafting her look. Introducing the world to up-and-coming designers, novel stylings, and genius reimaginings of wardrobe staples, stylists are the masterminds driving so many of the fashion trends we see today. Even models have their covetable off-duty style curated by the top celebrity fashion stylists in the industry. The street style looks we pin and pine over weren't just simply thrown on, but carefully calculated by someone whose job is to make celebrities look impeccable and garner attention with fashion-forward looks that get the world talking. We've rounded up the top 11 creatives behind some of our favorite celebrity style so you can study up on the names to know in the industry today.

Head below to see the 11 top celebrity stylists defining fashion trends right now.


Karla Welch
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Welch can be credited as the mastermind behind breakout star Ruth Negga's impeccable red carpet style. Her impressive client list also includes Karlie Kloss, Lorde, and even Justin Bieber. She just released a collaboration with Hanes, too, so you don't have to look any further for the perfect white T.


Law Roach
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If you've noticed a significant change in Céline Dion's style of late, you can thank stylist Roach for the transformation. The America's Next Top Model judge also styles Zendaya and is the co-creative director of her fashion line Daya by Zendaya.


Marni Senofonte
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If you fell in love with the fashion looks in Beyoncé's Lemonade, Senofonte is the genius to thank. Working with Lauryn Hill, Ciara, and brands like Gucci and Kenzo, the stylist consistently serves up her distinct brand of cool. Senofonte is also the woman behind the notable change in Kendall Jenner's style after the model took her on as her stylist earlier this year.


Kate Young
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Young is the woman behind Selena Gomez's transformation from ingenue to polished trendsetter. Her client list also includes some of Hollywood's most successful leading ladies, such as Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Margot Robbie, and Sienna Miller.


Micaela Erlanger
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Erlanger is best known for crafting Lupita Nyong'o's knockout red carpet style. Her client list also includes some of Hollywood's best dressed: Naomie Harris, Winona Ryder, and Meryl Streep.


Monica Rose
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Gigi Hadid's best street style looks can be attributed to It girl–favorite stylist Monica Rose, who's mastered—and redefined—model-off-duty style.


Maeve Reilly
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Reilly's edgy stylings have made an impression on and off the red carpet, working with Janelle Monáe and Hailey Baldwin.


Elizabeth Stewart
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You'll probably recognize most of Stewart's work from best dressed lists with her stylings of Amanda Seyfried, January Jones, Julia Roberts, Viola Davis, Cate Blanchett, and Jessica Chastain.


Petra Flannery
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Flannery's statement-making styling work is cool girl–approved, with a client roster made up of Emma Stone, Zoe Saldana, Carey Mulligan, and Gwen Stefani.


Cristina Ehrlich
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Whether she's dressing Brie Larson, Penélope Cruz, or Tina Fey, Ehrlich creates red carpet gold with her magic touch.


Leslie Fremar
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Fremar's client list couldn't be more A-List, with a lineup that includes Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Julianne Moore, and Jennifer Connelly.

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