9 Iconic Madonna Looks That Should Inspire Your Next Outfit

I’ve learned a lot of things about fashion from my mother, like how to bring an outstretched sweater back to its original size and what trends to invest in. However, when it comes to stylish pop culture icons, none come close to Madonna. After all, if there could be one word to describe the singer, it would be "chameleon.” With a career that spans four decades, Madonna’s style has constantly changed with the times. In the process, she has created an endless list of trends among her loyal fans.

To illustrate this point, I’ve put together some of the pop star’s most notable looks. From the feminine, punk-inspired looks that first put her on the map as one to watch (both in music and in fashion)—and spawned some of the biggest trends of the ‘80s—to her more recent, but equally fierce, red carpet ensembles, scroll down to see each one. And if you want to add a bit of the musician’s fierce style into your wardrobe, shop each look and make them your own.


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When it comes to Madonna's style, there are just some looks that no one will forget—and the bodysuit with a cone bra is one of them. 


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Madonna channeled Marilyn Monroe at the 1991 Academy Awards in a shimmer strapless gown, a fur stole, and near-blinding jewelry.


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If there was anyone on top of the biggest trends of the '80s, it was Madonna. Case in point: an oversize blazer and biker shorts.


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Another look the iconic singer mastered was the denim-on-denim aesthetic. Here, she opts for longer cuffed jean shorts and a classic trucker jacket.


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Perhaps Madonna's "Like a Virgin" ensemble, which featured a white bustier, a tulle skirt, lace gloves, and tons of layered jewelry, was one of her most iconic looks to date. After all, it led to teen girls dressing in a similar fashion throughout the '80s.


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For a more casual '80s ensemble, Madonna chose to wear vibrant colors in the form of tights, graphic prints, and statement accessories.


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When the star wanted to wear a more streamlined ensemble, she opted for monochromatic ensembles. However, to keep things interesting, she chose for unique details like animal print trim and oversize bows.


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As her style evolved over time, Madonna continued to stay true to herself. Here, she wears a menswear-inspired tuxedo to the Grammy Awards but dons a sparkling fingerless glove.


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Among her most iconic outfits, one of Madonna's consistent details was layered necklaces, which went well with anything—including a simple black dress.

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Dale Arden Chong