The 4 Things I Wish I Put on My Wedding Registry

Macy's wedding registry ideas

My husband and I loved creating our wedding registry last year. Having just bought our first home, we had no trouble thinking of things we wanted and/or needed to fill out our new space. (There were also the things I wish we could have put on our registry—I don’t know, clothes, shoes… You get the idea.) But now that we’ve settled fully into married life, I sometimes think about the handful of items—seriously, just four!—we somehow overlooked. Because you can never really have enough kitchenware or chic dining goods, right? But since I’m not planning to do the whole wedding thing over again, here are the four items I strongly suggest other brides-to-be add to their registries from Macy's.

While my husband and I did get a beautiful cream Le Creuset off our registry, it’s very large. Like, the largest size available, so it’s necessary when we’re making something for a lot of people, but it’s not the most practical when it’s just us. Which is a shame! I’m totally missing a medium-size Dutch oven, and this Martha Stewart one is absolutely perfect. The cast-iron exterior heats slowly, and the enamel interior doesn’t need to be seasoned before using, plus the condensation rings on the underside of the lid help circulate moisture, making this ideal for making stews and pot roasts for two.

Okay, we also received our dream dish set, but they’re black and ceramic. You can see a lot of marks on them already, and we haven’t even had them for a year! So I sort of wish we also registered for a set of simple yet classic plates and bowls to use on the daily. This contemporary porcelain set comes with four dinner plates, salad plates, and cereal bowls, and I love the way the pebbled texture makes them feel unique. I also love that the plates are matched in size so that they can serve as lids to the bowls—genius for keeping soup and other delicious meals warm!

Similar to our dishware, we got beautiful gold utensils, but you can see a lot of marks on them already, even though they’re dishwasher safe (eyeroll). That’s why having another stainless steel set that includes eight five-piece place settings, eight teaspoons, one serving spoon, and one serving fork would be great to have for daily use.

My husband and I didn’t even get our first toaster until someone bought us ours off our registry. But a toaster and toaster oven are completely different—not to mention an air fryer toaster oven! First off, there’s a huge difference in melting cheese in a microwave versus a toaster oven (you can also do it in a real oven, but that seems excessive), and having our own would just make everything more delicious. This one bakes, broils, toasts, keeps food warm, and air fry technology uses high intensity hot air to bake, brown, and crisp your favorite fried foods, with little to no oil. Genius! There are also three rack positions and a removable crumb tray, making cleanup easy—what more could a gal want?