I Wear Sweats 5 Days a Week But Am Also Into These 5 Lounge Trends

Given that I’m fortunate to be working remotely right now and am spending more time at home in general, sweats have basically become my go-to every day. I’m primarily talking a joggers and crewneck combo here. And while I probably won’t actually give up this look for awhile, I have been intrigued at some of the other lounge trends I’ve been seeing fashion people wear on Instagram.

The looks in question are all inherently comfortable and also feel quite forward to wear at home or when running errands. But rather than sit here and rattle on, I want to get straight to the good stuff. Below you’ll uncover the loungewear pieces that I want to try personally and/or want to recommend to my inner circle when they ask for shopping tips. And if something piques your interest, there’s inspired picks for each look as well.

Slouchy Button-Downs

While white button-downs are certainly an A+ choice to bring polish to a look, an oversized silhouette (especially in a linen fabric) is quite comfortable and chic for working at home, etc.

Pull-On Shorts

When it's too warm for jogger sweatpants, pull-on sweatshorts or athletic shorts are ideal for a trendy yet practical cozy vibe.

Bootcut Leggings

I'm honestly telling all my friends to test out bootcut leggings given their inherently forward and laid-back nature.

Flowy Trousers

The best loungewear trend: flowy pants



You just can't go wrong with a pair of flowy, wide-leg pants to keep comfortable and polished.

Oversized Cardigan

While I personally love wearing sweatshirts at home and when running errands, I've been into those super-soft slouchy cardigans as well for a stylish alternative.