The Loungewear Capsule Wardrobe: 13 Cozy-Cool Outfits

The Loungewear Capsule Wardrobe



It's been seemingly deemed the year of sweatpants, and well, we're not mad about it. We've seen athleisure as an ever-growing trend. From biker shorts styled with blazers to sneakers paired with flowy frocks, styling athleisure items into the everyday wardrobe is an innate part of the fashion world today. As for loungewear (a clothing category once consisting of old, oversize T-shirts and hole-ridden sweatpants), it's now a diversified wardrobe category that is meant to be as stylish as it is comfortable.

Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva, the founders of Sleeper, an incredibly chic nightwear brand, built an entire brand dedicated to making you feel good in your loungewear, ultimately proving the theory that if you feel good in what you're wearing—no matter where you are—you will be more confident throughout your day.

Though loungewear epitomizes comfort dressing, it doesn't have to be unruly. Thus, I have curated some of the key pieces that are found in a loungewear capsule wardrobe that not only meet the rules of comfort but also make you feel confident and polished. Ranging from classic hoodies and buttery leggings to linen button-downs and knit pants, these outfits are ideal for kicking back, relaxing, and posting on your Instagram feed.

Keep scrolling to discover the ultimate loungewear capsule wardrobe and 13 outfits worth a try.

The Loungewear Capsule Wardrobe


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Cardigan + Tank + Shorts + Socks + Slippers

You know those days when you literally just roll out of bed and begin your day? Well, this is it. Add a chunky knit cardigan (anything that can substitute a blanket) and cozy knit socks and your look is complete. 

Long Cardigan + Biker Shorts + Sneakers + Hoops + Necklace 

Cardigans are this season's wardrobe staple. Opt for a longer ribbed knit cardigan to provide extra warmth when paired with neutral biker shorts. Style tip: Add delicate, dainty jewelry to your outfit for a simple way to elevate loungewear. 

Linen Button-Down + Sweatpants + Socks + Sandals

Turns out a white linen button-down shirt is one of my go-to pieces in my loungewear wardrobe. It's breathable and compliments just about any bottom. Need to step out to run an errand? Walk the dog? Not an issue when you wear these slides styled with knit socks. 

Hoodie + Bodysuit + Shorts + Socks + Sandals

When building a loungewear outfit, layering is key. For instance, choose a bodysuit as your base layer to build upon. For a more relaxed look, style it with this classic Champion hoodie and henley shorts. Style tip: For a little mood boost, style with colorful accents à la these tie-dye socks. 

Cropped Tee + Knit Pants + Slipper Slides

Now to reveal the oldest trick in my book: Repurpose some of your favorite fashion finds into loungewear pieces. Though these LoveShackFancy knit pants err on the pricier side, I bought them with the intention of wearing them as resort wear. However, they now double as stay-at-home knit sweatpants. Keep it colorful and style these with bright-colored slippers. 

Cardigan + Bodysuit + Biker Shorts + Slipper Sandals + Hair Scarf

Just because it's loungewear doesn't mean it can't be trendy. Mix and match some of this season's most coveted prints and silhouettes—like zebra and a square-neck bodysuit—to make your loungewear feel more fashion-forward. 

Hoodie + Onesie + Socks + Hoops

Sometimes a knit onesie is the perfect solution when getting dressed in the morning. Pair it with a hoodie (draped around your shoulders or tied around your waist when it is not in use) and tie-dye socks and you're ready to start the day. 

Bodysuit + Hair Scarf + Socks + Slipper Slides + Necklace 

Perhaps one of my favorite at-home looks is a full-coverage body suit—it's cozy and appropriate for any Zoom calls on the agenda. Style it with a personal necklace and satin scarf to tie back your hair to be completely polished for the day's meetings. 

Fleece + Tank + Leggings + Socks + Sneakers

A variation of a fleece jacket is a loungewear wardrobe staple piece. Quick (sneaky) tip: Style it over a yoga-approved outfit, so there is no excuse to exercise later. 

Cropped Tee + Sweatpants + Sandal

The appeal in loungewear dressing is its nonchalant effortlessness. A cropped hoodie paired with relaxed sweatpants and two-band slides is a no brainer—no matter the color or prints.  

Linen Button-Down + Shorts + Slippers + Hoops

Keep it simple with an oversize button-down paired with loose lounge shorts. These slide-on slippers have been everything for me lately and have proven to be one of the best pairs of house shoes I own. Looking ahead to brighter days, I'd switch slippers for low-heel mules on a summer day and go out in this outfit! 

Cardigan + Knit Pants + Sandals

For the ultimate cozy-chic look, pair a chunky knit cardigan with crochet knit pants. The textures complement one another quite well and make for a dynamic ensemble. Keep it simple with minimalistic slide sandals.

Linen Button-Down + Tank + Silk Pants + Slipper Sandals

Wide-leg silk trousers are the loungewear staple I never knew I needed until recently. Pair these with a cropped cami and a button-down shirt and add slippers to achieve an effortlessly cool look.