This French Blogger's Sister Makes the Jewellery You've Been Searching for


(Image credit: Louise Damas)

French girl style: The ultimate goal, the quintessential je ne sais quoi, the pinnacle of style... It’s something we constantly try to emulate, and by following a slew of ultra-chic french style stars, we attempt to keep up with how the world’s most fashionable women are dressing. One such woman is Jeanne Damas, founder of Rouje and an influencer in her own right. But whilst following the style guru, we’ve come to realise that there’s another Damas we should be paying attention to: Her sister.

Much like Jeanne, Louise Damas knows style—and she’s putting her taste to good use with her eponymous jewellery line. While everything about the line is swoon-worthy, we’re especially drawn to her shell-shaped pieces that seem to be picking up on what is a growing trend of ocean themed accessories. We can’t help but thinking that if you’re planning a getaway for the European summer, you might definitely be in need of a few of these to complete your holiday aesthetic.

In addition to the shell-shaped pieces, the line also carries plenty of updated classics. Think funkier gold hoops and delicate necklaces… sounds enticing, no? Add to all this the fact that these pieces (though lovely) won’t break the bank, ranging from about $30-$350. Convinced yet? If you feel so inclined to shop—or just browse, to see what all the hype’s about—keep scrolling to see our favourite jewellery by Louise Damas.

Now you're one step closer to mastering French-girl style.

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