BTW, Baggy Is Back—I Tried On the 5 Key Styles to Get the Look


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Quarantine life is, by far, the biggest force affecting fashion in 2021 and has impacted the personal style of women around the world forever. Give a mouse sweats for a year, and she will definitely not return to skinny jeans and four-inch heels! Instead, the natural evolution of quarantine comfort has been baggy, relaxed silhouettes that are actually made to wear outside. 

When it comes to styling loose or oversize clothing, there is a fine line between Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2005 and Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2019—if you know what I mean. As a rule of thumb, I usually try to contain the volume to one part of the outfit. This directs attention to the contrast between the proportions and avoids the various elements of your outfit having to compete for attention.

From overalls to relaxed-fit pants, oversize blazers, and more, keep scrolling to see the five oversize items you'll need in your closet to get the look along with tips on how to style them this summer.

Flowy Dress


(Image credit: @banniakabread; STYLING: Collusion Crinkle Satin Tiered Satin Smock Dress ($36); ASOS Design Trent Tie Leg Flatform Sandals ($43))

A flowy dress is the ideal summer dress—that airflow is unmatched. Tiered dresses and skirts are appearing everywhere, so I decided to try on the look myself. Sometimes, this style can look tent-like, so look for flowy dresses that either show leg or have some shape. I decided to go with a black, crinkled-satin number and paired it with my favorite lace-up flatforms to add even more drama to the look.

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Baggy Overalls


(Image credit: @banniakabread; STYLING: Dickies Bib Overall ($33); ASOS Design Bandeau Top ($8); Zara Denim Bucket Hat ($26); Nike Air Max Tailwind V Skepta Sneakers ($240))

Baggy overalls are the uniform of free spirits, which is why you see art teachers, camp counselors, and kindergarteners reaching for them time and again—and for good reason. You've never met an outfit so low-maintenance. Whenever I wear mine, I have the joy of foregoing a purse for the day and just living life.


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Pair your baggy overalls with tube tops, crop tops, and even your bikini tops for an Aaliyah-inspired, '90s look. 

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Oversize Button-Down


(Image credit: @banniakabread; STYLING: H&M Long Cotton Shirt ($25); ASOS Design Deep Waistband Capri Legging ($23); ASOS Earrings ($12); ASOS Design Trent Tie Leg Flatform Sandals ($43))

The oversize button-down is practically made for those days when a shirt feels too informal but a blouse feels way too formal. I kept it casual and wore my white button-down with pink capris, my go-to flatforms, and some statement earrings for spice. By pairing the oversize shirt with tights and accessories, I've managed to create an outfit that looks put-together yet is still as comfortable as wearing sweats. Cha-ching.

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Relaxed-Fit Pants


(Image credit: @banniakabread; STYLING: Weekday Tailored Pants ($72); Urban Outfitters Thong Kitten Heel ($49))

Relaxed-fit pants are making their way into everyone's closet and replacing the tight, leg-hugging skinnies we fought our way into pre-pandemic. They can be worn with blouses, crop tops, button-downs—you name it. The bandwagon awaits. I went with a monochrome look and paired pleated relaxed-fit pants with a satin cheetah-print button-down and snakeskin-print kitten heels. I felt chic in the most low-key way possible.

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Oversize Blazer


(Image credit: @banniakabread; STYLING: Stradivarius Oversized Blazer ($60); Levi's 501 Original Cutoff Denim shorts ($49); ASOS Design Pointed Mules ($29))

Oversize blazers have the ability to add structure and dress up pretty much any outfit, even your regular jean shorts and white top. For the summer, I'm choosing oversize blazers in lightweight fabrics and muted colors and pairing them with short dresses, skirts, and shorts. I love when my blazer is longer than the rest of my outfit for the same reason I love wearing Uggs with miniskirts. Why not?

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