This Under-$12 Designer Piece Is Popping Up on the Coolest Fashion Girls

There are plenty of cool micro-trends popping up among the fashion set, but the one I have my eye on right now happens to be both designer and affordable. Yep, logo socks are the piece I’m seeing all of the cool fashion girls wearing at the moment and you can add them to your shopping cart for $12 or less. The ultimate low-key take on designer fashion, logo socks are standing out as one of the key accessories of the moment.

Whether paired with leggings, sweatpants, or micro shorts, I’m borrowing ideas from fashion people for all of the stylish ways to wear them. Perhaps my favorite part of this trend? It’s such a subtle, wearable, and approachable take on logo fashion, which feels perfectly timed for how I want to get dressed right now. Ahead, 4 outfits to wear with logo socks that are inspiring all of my cozy looks at the moment.

With Leggings

These days, I'm always thinking about new ways to reinvent my leggings outfits. I love the idea of adding a pair of logo socks to layer over the hem for a fun pop of texture. Then, adding sneakers, a cool coat, and a baseball hat for a look that feels comfortable but still put-together.

With micro shorts



Micro shorts are one of the big spring trends we've had our eye on from the S/S 21 runways. Here is a great, easy outfit formula I'll be trying out myself that incorporates an oversize blazer, classic sneakers, and a great pair of logo socks.

With sweatpants

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that sweatpants are a core part of my wardrobe these days. While I've mostly been wearing matching sweatsuits, I'll definitely be trying out this outfit that adds in a sports bra as a top with a baseball cap, logo socks, and New Balance sneakers.

With a sweatshirt

As Princess Diana proved, you simply cannot go wrong with this outfit formula. Here, the logo socks really come into focus.

Shop more logo socks:

While you can find amazing logo socks for under $12, there are plenty more designer versions that you can buy if you want to make a splurge.