The Logo Bags I'm Thinking About Ordering Right Now

Logo bags



Back in the early 2000s, logo bags were pretty much everywhere and stood out as the accessories on the arms of fashion girls everywhere. Carrie Bradshaw, with her Dior saddle bag and her Fendi baguette, epitomizes the popularity of trend. Lately, though, there’s been a huge resurgence and logo bags are once again popular. I regrettably sold one of my Louis Vuitton monogram bags a few years ago and now really wish I hadn’t.

But there’s some good news for anyone else who might have had the same closet-cleaning impulse. Not only are there are lots of online retailers that are selling used versions, but some designers are even re-releasing the iconic bags. Fendi just designed an FF capsule collection with Net-a-Porter, while Dior brought the coveted saddle bag back for its F/W 18 show. The logo bag trend is everywhere right now, and we’re only expecting to see it grow more.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior Book Tote Bag (price upon request)

Louis Vuitton



Now, I’ll just be figuring out which of these to order.

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