Lizzo Just Used the Editor-Favorite Lip Pencil That Keeps Selling Out

A good lip pencil is worth its weight in liquid gold. Too often, lip pencils have too much drag to go on smoothly, aren't pigmented enough, or don't have staying power to them. Lizzo obviously knows this, which is why the singer opted to wear Refy's Lip Sculpt for the debut of her brand Yitty’s Fall Color Haul. 

The Who What Wear beauty team tried the Refy Lip Sculpt back when it launched, and found it to live up to the hype. Their innovative liner is unique in many ways—first, it's double-ended, with the lip liner on one side and a clear "setter" on the other, which you apply on top of the liner to lock it in place. We were all impressed by how smudge-proof the lip liner was and how long it stays on lips (I wore it on a trip to Vegas and didn't need to re-apply once). It's also meant to be worn with their dewy lipgloss-balm hybrid that imparts tons of shine with zero stickiness. 

Lizzo wore the shade sepia, which is a rich, chestnut brown that's often sold out. The product comes in six shades—three with pink undertones, and three with brown undertones. Her makeup artist Alexx Mayo also broke down her entire look in an Instagram post, and it includes some major gems. Keep scrolling to get Lizzo's look using the same products she used—and just know, all three of the Who What Wear beauty editors would vouch for the Refy lip products. 

Mayo used this lip liner around the perimeter of Lizzo's lips, then filled her top lip in fully and left her bottom lip half-filled to create more dimension. 

The ideal creamy base for a jewel-toned smoky eye. 

Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadows are celeb makeup artists' go-to for dramatic looks.

Mayo used these natural-looking lashes to enhance Lizzo's eyes. 

Shop the rest of the Refy lip collection:

The hyaluronic acid-packed lip gloss for megawatt shine without any stickiness.