Meet Maria Dueñas Jacobs: The Former Fashion Editor Changing the World of Children's Accessories

Maria Duenas Jacobs of Super Smalls
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Maria Dueñas Jacobs completely changed the world of children's accessories when she launched Super Smalls, a playful, gem-studded accessories brand dedicated to kids. Quickly becoming a must-have at children's birthday parties and a beacon of delight for kids who dream of adorning themselves with playful yet beautiful accessories, Super Smalls has elevated children's accessories in a way like never before. 

The creative mind behind the brand, Jacobs started her career in the fashion industry. With an impressive background that seamlessly blends fashion, editorial expertise, and brand development, Jacobs has over a decade of experience as an accessories editor, and later director, for prestigious publications such as Glamour and Elle, and also played a significant role in brand development at Stitch Fix. However, it was her personal life, as a mother to three young daughters, that provided the real inspiration for Super Smalls. 

The genesis of Super Smalls came from a simple yet profound interaction with her middle daughter, Luna, who was 5 at the time. Luna, like many children, was fascinated by her mother's collection of fine jewelry. Recognizing her daughter's desire for beautiful accessories of her own, Luna proposed a deal: She would refrain from playing with her mother's expensive pieces if she had her own "sophisticated" accessories. This negotiation was a lightbulb moment for Jacobs, who realized she could combine her professional expertise with her maternal instincts to create something special.

Drawing on her extensive background, Jacobs set out to develop kid-friendly jewelry that didn't compromise on beauty or the thrill of unboxing. She aimed to re-create the luxury experience associated with brands like Cartier or Tiffany & Co. for a younger audience. The result was Super Smalls, a brand that launched in 2019 to immediate acclaim. Each piece of jewelry was designed with children in mind, from the playful designs to the stunning yellow packaging that promised an unboxing experience reminiscent of opening a treasure chest.

But Jacobs didn't stop at jewelry. Understanding the diverse interests of children, Super Smalls has expanded into other categories, including shoes and crafts, catching the attention of major players, leading to collaborations with iconic brands like Disney, and earning a coveted spot on Oprah's Favorite Things list for three consecutive years. Listen to the latest episode of Second Life to hear how Jacobs created a brand inspired by a mother's love and crafted with the expertise of a seasoned fashion editor.

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