Meet the Dynamic Duo Behind Left on Friday: Laura Low Ah Kee and Shannon Savage

Second Life Podcast: Laura Low Ah Kee and Shannon Savage
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Laura Low Ah Kee and Shannon Savage are revolutionizing the swim industry. The dynamic co-founders of Left on Friday, a premium athletic swimwear brand that has quickly garnered attention and admiration in the fashion world. Before embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, however, Low Ah Kee and Savage honed their skills and expertise in a more structured corporate environment at Lululemon, the brand that essentially defined athleisure.

Joining Lululemon in its nascent stages, both women dedicated over a decade to the brand, contributing significantly to its growth and success. Low Ah Kee held the position of director of merchandising, where she developed a keen understanding of market trends and consumer demands. Savage, on the other hand, climbed the ranks to become the vice president of design, where she showcased her creative flair and innovative approach to product development. Their roles at Lululemon not only equipped them with invaluable industry knowledge but also fostered a deep friendship, cemented by their shared passion for the beach and a mutual frustration with the lack of practical yet stylish swimwear options.

This shared frustration sparked an idea. Recognizing the unique combination of their skills—Low Ah Kee's merchandising expertise and Savage's design prowess—they saw an opportunity to disrupt the swimwear market. In 2018, they took the leap and launched Left on Friday, aiming to fill the gap in the market with swimwear that was both functional and fashionable. Their vision was clear: to create high-quality, stylish swimsuits that could keep up with an active lifestyle.

Left on Friday quickly gained a reputation for its innovative designs and quality. Under their leadership, Left on Friday has continued to expand its product line, introducing new styles and colors that resonate with its growing customer base. This year, Left on Friday is making significant strides, including its foray into brick-and-mortar retail that will allow customers to experience the brand firsthand and try on its meticulously crafted swimwear in person. Left on Friday's influence is also extending beyond the consumer market as the brand is impressively providing the Olympic uniforms for the Canadian women's beach volleyball team. This prestigious collaboration underscores the brand's commitment to performance and style.

Listen to the latest episode of Second Life to find out how Low Ah Kee and Savage continue to build a brand that empowers women to feel confident in their skin and swimwear. Keep scrolling to shop some of Left on Friday's latest arrivals.

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