Meet Dianna Cohen: The Founder and CEO Behind Haircare Brand Crown Affair

Second Life Podcast: Dianna Cohen
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If you're obsessed with all things haircare (and beauty for that matter), chances are you've come across Crown Affair. As the founder and CEO behind the beloved haircare brand, Dianna Cohen had a mission to provide ritual-based and mindful haircare. Launched in 2020, Crown Affair began with just four products: a towel, a brush, an oil, and a comb. The brand's philosophy is based on encouraging individuals to invest time and care into their haircare routines, turning daily maintenance into a moment of self-care and reflection. Today, Crown Affair has expanded its product line to include Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner, Dry Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner, and more, each designed with the same ethos of quality and mindfulness.

Second Life Podcast: Dianna Cohen

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Crown Affair's growth trajectory has been impressive, with its products now available at renowned retailers like Goop and Sephora, in addition to its direct-to-consumer platform. But perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of Crown Affair is its incredibly cool and fresh branding, which is fueled by Cohen's knowledge of what it takes to build a modern brand. 

Prior to starting Crown Affair, Cohen made quite a name for herself in the dynamic world of direct-to-consumer (DTC) startups. After her foray into the world of fashion and beauty with internships at prestigious labels such as Valentino and Thakoon, Cohen took a role at Into the Gloss, the beauty site founded by Emily Weiss, which truly marked the beginning of her deep dive into the beauty industry's potential. Cohen's career took her through various pivotal roles in marketing and partnerships following Into the Gloss. She played an integral role in launching the shopping app Spring and consulted for the shoe brand Tamara Mellon. She then spearheaded partnerships at Away, further realizing her ability to forge connections that elevate brand visibility and appeal.

In 2017, Cohen ventured into entrepreneurship with Levitate, a consulting agency that became the behind-the-scenes force for emerging DTC brands. Under her guidance, Levitate propelled brands such as Outdoor Voices, Flamingo, Harry's, and Buck Mason to substantial growth, cementing Cohen's reputation as a DTC genius and ultimately catapulting her into founding Crown Affair.

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