Please Hold—I'm Booking a Mani Appointment After Discovering 2022's Nail Trends

For me, there are fewer things that bring me more joy than a fresh manicure. I can't remember the last time I didn't have my nails done, to be perfectly honest with you. I keep them painted at all times. For a long time, I only painted my nails one shade: OPI Big Apple Redwhich you can never go wrong with and should probably have on hand for whenever you need a good nail color in a pinch, TBH.

I love a classic red nail more than anyone, but I've began embracing the trends. In 2022, nail trends are going to be incredible. Think tons of glitter, almond-shaped nails, the next iteration of the modern French manicure, and lots of color play. I spoke with celebrity manicurists for the lowdown on all of 2022's hottest nail trends, so that you can get a head start before everyone else. Keep scrolling to find out 2022's best nail trends and the best products to use to recreate them for yourself.

Glitter Accents



"It's all about glitter mixes that have different-sized glitters and different colors that won't bleed but will show through, such as a navy blue glitter with a copper. It's also about having different particle sizes and effects in the glitter. For example, one will give a shine, one will have a glass effect. This creates texture, dimension, and light with the designs."—Celebrity nail artist Elle

Multicolored nails

"One of my favorite trends for spring [that] I have been seeing everywhere is different-colored nail polish on each nail. It's so unique plus easy to create and fun to wear."—Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann

Almond-Shaped Nails



"I think the almond nail will continue being the shape of choice for a longer nail. I do think longer nails are on the comeback. I love it because it means more real estate to design on!"—Celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees of Color Street




"With the new Pantone Color of 2022 just announced, Very Peri, I'm really excited about the periwinkle trend."Lippmann

Modern French Manicures

"Variations of French manicures [like] chromes and glitters. These are simple, but elegant with a twist! People have been experimenting with this manicure for years but are really starting to have so much more fun with the trend."—Kyees

Hydrated Hands

"Pristine cuticle care, which means a regular application of a cuticle oil to keep the strength and flexibility in the nail and a cream to ensure the growth of strong, healthy nails."—Elle